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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So Spake Saim-III

Life is all about the struggles, it's about existing amidst the gloom, it's about knowing the flaps which we can open and the ones which we can't, it's about being nonchalant at despair, it's about accepting that life's just like that.


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17 eulogies: on "So Spake Saim-III"

Arun Kumar said...

true words...

Life wud be great if its only exceptions to this rule... but life is life cos exceptions are rare n so they cud be cherished..


Keshi said...

I love how u made Happiness the Exception! Wow that was brilliant CN.


Anonymous said...

I'm out of words.

How do you come up with the truth in a few words?

I salute your post.

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