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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happiness Meter

Being down has taken a new meaning in life and the worst part is that it's for no apparent reason. I mean, no disastrous event has taken place as such nor has something dear been taken away from me...and yet this phase!!!

Life is stagnant, too many things are in pending mode, nothing seems to be working out and am not talking about just my life...rather this is the general picture of all the lives which touch me in some way or the other. I have this quirky habit (if you could call it that) of setting events as goals for my happiness meter...so many times I have come to the conclusion that the occurrence of a particular event would lead to a better life, no more big problems to tackle anymore and to my exasperated dismay every time some new problem crops up from the underbelly of life...now, as this has been going on since the time I created that happiness meter...so I have never really been happy happy as such (if you know what I am trying to mean), but these past few months have seen the meter go on the oxygen cylinder...it's short of breath, too many events are piling up on its radar with no sight of any of them easing up soon...it's in dire need of a fresh breath of life and adding to the chagrin is the fact that I seem to be presently inhabiting a vacuous atmosphere where there is no whiff of air, no breath of life nearby!!!

Maybe it was silly of me to constitute the happiness meter...I mean c'mon, can there ever be a life without problems plaguing it...maybe it was always meant to be like this, a life full of struggle and an endless search for bliss...maybe I was vying for utopia which is actually just a figment of the imagination of some foolish poet/scholar who was silly enough to think up such a place...maybe "HOPE" is just like one of those toys which an orphan is handed out with when he longs for his mother.

I think I must now tune up myself to the harsh realities of life...too long, it seems, I have been fighting for zilch...happiness is a lost cause, heck...it's a non-cause!!!
Maine dil se kaha dhund laana khushi
Nasamajh laaya gham, to yeh gham hi sahi
( I asked life to bring me happiness
Foolishly it brought sadness, so be it )

Right now, this couplet seems to be the divine truth...come my life, I am ready to embrace you for yourself...no strings attached!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


"KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" ...and to empower the downtrodden, "education"--- our only tool. For education allows one to do what he must rather than do what he can. Of course, education is just not about books...books after all just make you literate, but they are a good stepping stone towards wholesome education. In this regard, no praise is worthy enough for The Times of India's latest nation building initiative "TEACH INDIA". This is a social initiative that brings together children in need of education and people who can contribute a little time towards teaching them.

Launched initially in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi the project aims to reach the remotest corners of the country in the near future. The initiative is asking it's volunteers for just 2-hr shifts at their own preferred time and location...the shifts ranging from just 2 shifts a week to five or six depending on the volunteer's choice.

TEACH INDIA aims to help undereducated children through a slew of programmes including basic education, support classes and story telling. The response to the initiative has been tremendous to say the least with more than 55,000 individual volunteers signing up for the cause in just 11 days. Also, a number of top level corporate houses have joined the initiative thereby lending more solid support to this humble cause.

But as they say, there's never enough goodness...so let this be a plea from my side to all of you wonderful people of bloggerville...please encourage this initiative in every which way you can...if you are in one of the above mentioned four cities please volunteer for the initiative if you haven't already...ask your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, etc to come forth and strengthen the initiative...four hours a week is too small a price for the impartment of education to the uneducated children of our country...for once my friends, we have a chance to contribute to the development of our society, our nation...let this not go to waste.


Education here isn't something which lets a child get to the next class...but to a future free of poverty and deprivation.

P.S. Guys, am really sorry for not commenting on all your wonderful posts...but was a bit down, please forgive me!!!