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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

dose glorious dayz

College was the place to be

Morning, evening n between

9:40 to 5:10

Life was a happy den

Pieces of memory, frozen in time

Endless pjs, dozen a dime

Peels of laughter, smatter of tears

Those calling each other dears

Mumbo jumbo n bakwaas

Eyeing up a pretty lass

Renditions of “summer of 69”

Wishing she said “love, u r mine”

Keeping Newton’s 3rd law in mind

Pranking was a heinous crime

Teachers giving angry glares

Students shooting back long stares

C++ and JavaScripts

Workshop n Graphics were pure shit

Projects, Vivas n Lab tests

Sems were an unwanted guest

Xams became a joyful ride

Coz Matrix was a friend and guide

Teachers blissfully drinking Sprite

Copying was just so right

Music, booze n dancing rounds

Fests were masti all nite long

Ragging was "oh-so-fun"

With freshers being "on the run"

Campussing built up lot of sweat

But placements were just as great

Laughing lips n misty eyes

Farewell was gloomy but nice

Newer pastures beckon us

But college life will remain such

P.S:- College life has just ended, this being my humble tribute to those days of my life...There will probably be many more, so watch this space!!!

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15 eulogies: on "dose glorious dayz"

comfortably numb said...

yeah it was

@what's in a name
sorry for making u miss it more...cudnt help it though

behind brown eyes... said...

haha...college was definitely fun! very aptly put!!!
thought the eyeing a pretty lass part was DEFINITELY not one of the things i did!!! lol

comfortably numb said...

@behind brown eyes
i was being gender specific thr...lolz
for u n ur likefolk...what say abt "eyeing up a cute lad" :D:D

Ria said...

i miss college terribly! :( Professional life is boring and so full of politics.

comfortably numb said...

thnx for giving words 2 what i always knew wud be n always wished wudnt be...am just abt 2 ntr "professional life" u c!!!

priyanka said...

Wow...This is just too good...Sums up our entire 4 yrs so aptly..!
Felt good reading it... :) :)

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