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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Idiosyncratic Me

Been tagged by Asbah and Aditi to write 25 random facts, goals or quirks about myself...now there's one daunting task if there was ever one but then as looking the challenge in the eye is the name of the game:D, I hereby try to pen down a silver jubilee list about the eccentric moronic self that I am.

#1. I am a very usual, perfectly common human being and you will be sure to find many like me in every walk of life.

#2. I wish to one day live the life that I envisage for me and my family...for me my family is much more important to me than I myself would ever be.

#3. I am not an introvert but I take some time to warm up to people...once that small matter is taken care of I generally tend to bring the house down.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Deciphering Myself"...says Love.

As I sit down to write this today...I am in a deep quandary, you see I don't know who or what I am, I am facing this massive identity crisis if i may so call it... To be fair, I was always a little abstract when it came to definitions and explanations and it sort of even made me feel proud...I mean it is a definite ego booster that even the combined intelligence of all humankind which has unraveled many a mystery and deciphered many a puzzle could not definitely conclude as regards my entity.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

What's Happening...

Hello fellas...wassup people?
Everyone rockin hopefully...I of course mean rockin your chairs:D
Wanted to post something...no topic in mind to rant about, no poem forming in the confines of the literary part of the brain as well:)
So, I thought let's subject my trusted blog readers to my absolutely exalted take on a few of the goings on in this place of our existence.
It's going to be very random...hopefully nonsensical too:D

Sunday, February 01, 2009

With Me...Forever

a single glimpse is what I aspire for...I long for
to cherish forever...to be my redemption in the darkness
searched the seas...foraged the lands
seeked you in nature's perfection
in the blooming of the buds...in the soothing of the wind
glistening of the sand...calmness of the water
looked for you on the horizon with the rising sun
waited for you in the twilight's shadow
probed the twinkling of the stars
gave pursuit to the moon's golden beam
weary and tired...I give up hope
closing my eyes as despondency grows
behold...the inner eye triumphs where all else failed
I have the sight...fortitude prevailed
you are within me...I now understand
forever...for always, holding my hand