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Thursday, February 05, 2009

What's Happening...

Hello fellas...wassup people?
Everyone rockin hopefully...I of course mean rockin your chairs:D
Wanted to post something...no topic in mind to rant about, no poem forming in the confines of the literary part of the brain as well:)
So, I thought let's subject my trusted blog readers to my absolutely exalted take on a few of the goings on in this place of our existence.
It's going to be very random...hopefully nonsensical too:D

Well, for starters...Obama gets a taste of what it feels like to own upto mistakes as the most powerful man on the planet...two of his hand picked diplomats to head important positions in his administration have backed off...I'd say "washed their hands off" would be a more proper idiom but that's just me.

Kalyan Singh has just owned up moral responsibilty for the demolition of the Babri Masjid...now I know there's a phrase which says "better late than never" but I would have so preferred it to be "never" in this particular case...Now, Kali dear, I do understand that you are under compulsions after having joined SP but you know what, sadly for you the public can distinguish between remorse and blatant croc tears.

Widespread protests across Tamil Nadu continue...there was a bandh call yesterday which was not very successful...this piece of info is so heartening to hear, while I absolutely condemn the senseless killing of innocent Tamilians by their own elected administration and can obviouly understand the sentiments of the protestors in TN...nothing and I mean nothing should come in the way of the work culture of a place...also it was so heartening because I live in Kolkata, so most of you get the point now, right:D

Job cuts across the world...people are seeing "pink" everywhere...no take on this topic from yours truly coz it's a "touche" topic for me.

Shilpa Shetty and her friend/boyfriend/partner Raj Kundra have bought a 12% stake in the IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals...way to go guys, that's what I call "behti ganga mein haath dhona":)
What would Shilpa say to Shane Warne if he started flirting with her....think....think....obviouly she'd say "Shut up and bowl" :D

On the personal front...am still the same, have not sprouted horns yet neither have I completed my route to becoming a schizophrenic:D
All xcited to watch Dev D n Dilli 6...yep,am fixated by the alphabet D dese dayz:D (see, another D)
Still reading 'The White Tiger"...as of now, the verdict is "ok, its interesting" but then who am I to judge a Booker winning publication.

Also, today is the birthday of my little big sister in this blogosphere...wise beyond her years Aayushi turns 14 today...her writings would suggest she is ageing backwards like Benjamin Button:D, I mean its just wow the way she writes but lemme assure you people, her time clock is running in the same direction as ours:)
Neways...Aayu...many many happy reruns of this day...Rock it, have fun and get smeared by cake:D

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26 eulogies: on "What's Happening..."

The Rat... said...

I can d signs... Dis-oriented tots... completely random interests... CN are u sure there is no one else than Maria??? :-D

Horns??? u need an extra pair kya??? i can see from this far, u already sporting one

comfortably numb said...

am as sure as one can possibly ne Rat but then a little birdie once told me that u can nvr be very sure abt these things:D
horns...more d merrier:)

Arunima said...

Thanks for the news updates!!
That was General Knowledge with a tinge of sarcasm.
well done!

Ria said...

hey nice update out there. U jus summed up so many things in one post. Nice job dude! :) I m gonna watch Marley and Me this weekend coz i love dogs. :)

Phoenix said...

can you belive that... a shady starlet to now the fiancee of raj kundra to a co-owner of rajasthan royals..man! the lady does have some luck!

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

lost it completely I guess...my sympathies...but makes for good reading so carry on::
btw - a kolkattan being open about destabilisation tendancies...now I guess well just have to wait for the blogging bundh you've planned to call :)

Keshi said...

I still cant believe that Crystal is only 14...cos she has wisdom thats a million years old! :) She rocks!


Cяystal said...

Aawe..thankyou Keshi. :)

And lol!..I feel like laughing loud at the line tht you want more horns :P..I agree with the Rat..i already see you wid them!
And yez..people are seeing pink everywhere! :D..

Btw..m silllyy to not cmment even though I saw this loong time back :D

joiedevivre said...

hehe..still you penned down somthing when you have no topic in mind to rant about

Jane said...

me 2 eally waiting for dev d and dilli 6 :) dilli6 music rocks- rehamn n the bafta manaic-- hope he wins in the oscars too :)

n yeahhh, aayushi is pushing the benjamin buttons, for sure :)

shilpa n kundras- yehh, hope they jit a lotta royal sixes!

missed ya man!- back in action- yaaaay :)
keeo the smile :)

mixedblessings89 said...

I love the VERY colourful new outlay :)

Please try and use darker colours for the font...for example, using white on a white background is... you get the point.. I hope.. :|

I agree with you on all the points you put forward :) which is cool :)

PS: I'm really looking forward to a V day post from you.

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