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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rest In Peace...

And so she passed away...hopefully, to Rest In Peace.
Allah unke rooh ko jannat bakhshe...Aameen!!!

P.S. Going away from Calcutta for about a week...will not have access to the internet, so won't be able to visit all your spaces.
Take care, all of ya...bubye:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Unravelling Love-strickness

A drop of love is what everyone lusts for

An ocean of grief is what they get
A badder bargain there never will be
And yet everyone falls for it
Are people so stupid that they cannot comprehend this uneven barter of emotions?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This post by Lavaanya is responsible for the conception of the following post.

Zindagi ki kahaani
Aansuoon ke zabani
Khushiyon mein chalakti ous
Tanhayyon ke saathi
Kisi ke aankh dhone ki tadbeer
To kisi ke dil ke rone ki tasweer
Jeet ke kehkahon mein shaamil
Gham-e-shikasht ki parchayee
Palkon ke kinaron ki dilkashi
Jazbaaton ki mehkashi
Samjho to masarrat ke moti
Na samjho to namkeen paani

Monday, March 23, 2009


A moonlit night...winter evening...starry sky...slight drizzle...empty terrace...two souls...lost in thoughts.

Girl :- Chand itna khubsoorat kyun hai?
Boy :- Ghaur se dekho...sirf dhabbe hi dikhenge.
Girl :- So much for you being a romantic *exasperated sigh*
Boy :- So much for you trying to make me one *naughty grin*

So much for silly conversations:D

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Andheron ki god mein chamakta ek tara
Lehron ke bawandar mein tinke ka sahara
Zindagi ki bheed mein ek apna sa saaya
Gheebat ki aandhi pe insaaf ki chaaya
Sannaton ki bheed mein ek dabi si aahat
Ghamon ke sailaab mein halki si muskurahat

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Plea for prayer

My youngest aunt on my mother's side is ill...very ill in fact. She's been so for the last two and a half years...pretty much everything that could be done has been done but to no avail. Not one single doctor could definitely ascertain as to what her illness is though most of them have taken a calculated guess and proclaimed it to be the dreaded C word. Medication has hardly helped and her condition has continued to deteriorate over time. There was a phase of about 4/5 months when it seemed to work and hopes of a recovery had enlighted but only to come crashing down again. Since the last 6 months not only every semblance of improvement disappeared but there has been rapid deterioration so much so that 3 days back we got a call in which the words "last stage" were mentioned. My mom and sister have gone off there to be with her. The news, though, trickling in is still bad...it's getting worse.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

50 and counting...

One fine hot summer day in May, a visibly bored yours truly was browsing through communities on dear Orkut randomly hopping from one to the other with absolutely no end purpose...then in one of those random communities (dun even remember which 1), in the members section a face was spotted...a photoshopped hazy picture which did not hide the fact that the face was actually quite captivating:D (dun know whether the picture was made hazy to hide that fact or not)...but naturally yours truly reached that profile and among other things found a hyperlink with a funny name beside the "webpage" option...curios me could not resist and in the blink of an eye the hyperlink was clicked...redirected to a new page and voila...the enchanting blogosphere was discovered, rather stumbled upon...