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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Idiosyncratic Me

Been tagged by Asbah and Aditi to write 25 random facts, goals or quirks about myself...now there's one daunting task if there was ever one but then as looking the challenge in the eye is the name of the game:D, I hereby try to pen down a silver jubilee list about the eccentric moronic self that I am.

#1. I am a very usual, perfectly common human being and you will be sure to find many like me in every walk of life.

#2. I wish to one day live the life that I envisage for me and my family...for me my family is much more important to me than I myself would ever be.

#3. I am not an introvert but I take some time to warm up to people...once that small matter is taken care of I generally tend to bring the house down.

#4. I thrive on leg pulling...in fact there have been instances when people have sort of requested for my services in regards to pulling someone's leg:D

#5. I have this disturbingly appalling habit of planning to study everyday and then putting it off for tomorrow...this has been happening since time immemorial and this monotone is forcibly broken only on exam preceding days.

#6. I am in love with the feeling of being in love...I believe that love is the the fuel of life...you need to love to live...it's as simple as that. I know that love when it ends seems to be the crappiest thing ever but there is no denying the fact that experiencing being in love is probably the best experience ever. [ am not talking about 2 week flings here, mind you]

#7. I am in love with English...I had always wanted to graduate with English as my main subject but that was supposedly not a very viable option economically and thus remains one of the many uncherished dreams buried in the sepulchre of my heart. It's another matter that I think Urdu is the most beautiful and poignant language.

#8. I often am left with the feeling of friends not living upto my expectations...but that is only because I sort of expect too much out of them...to be fair, am blessed with some great friends.

#9. Most girls that I talk with tell me that they are very sure of me having a steady girlfriend and this flummoxes me to no end...the fact that it reduces my chances considerably hardly helps too...Ohh n just for the record, I don't have a steady girlfriend...hell, I don't even have an unsteady girlfriend for that matter:D

#10. I am musically inclined...more so I sing pretty decently enough and I memorize the lyrics of a song in double quick time.

#11. I have always wanted to be part of a stage act...be it in the form of a theater group or a dance troupe...sadly, my stage run ins have so far been limited to school acts only.

#12. I am not at all happy with my life as of now...I think there are too many problems beseeching it, I think it is going nowhere and I think I have spent my life in a pretty pathetic way...yet I love it just for being there.

#13. I am in a seemingly endless pursuit of happyness...I have learnt to appreciate the small outbursts of joy that spring up out of randomness...am still to learn that it's these moments that make the happy picture that life is rather than some great big happiness engulfing you.

#14. I love my religion and am sure that if the true picture is shown to the whole world, everyone else would too...it's just that the world is judging the car based on the driver and the drivers like me are mostly reckless, ignorant and highly error-prone.

#15. I am an absolute freaking lazybones if there ever was one...in fact, am pretty sure about the fact that this term was coined in English prose just to define me.

#16. I think Manchester United are the best club in the history of world football and Md. Rafi the greatest voice to have ever sung a song.

#17. I am someone who does try to help others, sometimes even at my own expense and while I think that is absolutely silly and idiotic of me, I still continue to do it.

#18. I have this habit of bonding very deep with some people way too quickly and more often than not this leads to bitterness as the other person is not that quick:D

#19. When am feeling down or am in a bad mood, my writing skill disappears too...in fact I sometimes measure my feeling of despondency by trying to write and a blank page is testimony to a pretty fucked up state of mind.

#20. Most people think that I don't look good with this goatee of a beard that I have but I am way too attached to it now to do away with it.

#21. I am a very good listener...probably that is the reason that many friends seek me out when they have somethings to say out. However, I don't like to listen to myself and no one else has as patient an ear...so I write:)

#22. I think snowfalls is as good a romantic setting that you could ever get but a slight drizzle in the same climate beats even that.

#23. I am competitive by nature...a challenge fires me up, if you ever want me not to do something, just make it seem easy for me and am sure to get lax.

#24. I think an eye for an eye may make the whole world blind but it's non-application will surely lead to the first person losing his other eye as well...moral being you have to retaliate and stand up...leave the Gandhigiri to the Munnabhai movies.

#25. I spend most of the day imagining myself to be in Middle Earth fighting Sauron's Nazguls and most of the night fighting the new evil Lord on the magical horizon, Lord Potter himself:D

Phew...that was tough!!!
Now the fun part...so, I tag

Keshi [as always]

Happy discovering yourself guyz...apologies if you didn't wanna be tagged:D

N.B. The next post will be Post No-50 for Sepulchre...I may go ahead and try to make it a bit special though I don't yet know how...so if any of you have any ideas whatsoever, please be good enough to share:)

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28 eulogies: on "Idiosyncratic Me"

Keshi said...

aww I loved this one! I wanted to do it last Friday (even before u tagged me hehe) cos I saw it on Silvara's blog. I will do it soon now that u hv tagged me too.

Interesting facts abt ya...loved reading each one of em. Abt Friends, we all make that mistake. Im glad u realise it and u still treasure ur mates.

**perfectly common human being

wut's 'common' CN? :)


mixedblessings89 said...

Hey :)

Have exams coming up, so am reading in installments :O
sry :(

I read up till # 10: I completely understand 3, 5, and 7- I LOVE 7, as you may have guessed, and not studying English remains an unfulfilled dream... I will fulfil it, sometime, on my own, I guess... but I LOVE 7.

LOL @ 9.

See you in a bit!

The Rat... said...

hey i too that i have a steady gf till i knew abt maria..

Tag!! run rat run..... :( ouch it caught me again

mayz said...

hey nicely done dude...i have been tagged wid this one too...n have been thinkin abt things to write...n funny as it may sound i cudnt even come up wid 1 :(

Anonymous said...

very beautiful :)

I like the part you've written above being in love with the being in love itself, i share your notion in this respect, procrastination, when it comes to study is perfectly sane! Only insane people want to be taught. Sane only learn.

hope you come over your laziness, thats vice.

and I agree, There is an element of romance loitering in rain. in loneliness, in snowfall and in pakora and chayay!

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

hey this is a really cutely done tag. I'm an introvert too till I decide I like sumeone...and I allow very few people into that circle. And I also had your 'study English' dream which I dint do for the very same reason. And LOTR - Aragorn was my fav charactar. A friend of mine was complaining about ppl thinking hes going out already impeding his chances just recently too...its so funny dint know ur in the same situation. Anyway hope you stay happy so you keep writing.

Ria said...

hey nice facts abt u buddy!! And i m gonna do this soon coz i really liked it. :)

brocasarea said...

nice ones...
ur a good listener...thats a wonderful quality[thats why we have 2 ears and only one mouth]...

i hate manu!!;)

thanks for blogrolling me!!

Vyzz said...

hehe..nice one..and yea i agree with number 7 adn 8 yea..so true..lol...love literature, as a compensation i ended up as a writer with the agency..lol

will do the tag thing now..


comfortably numb said...

thnx yaar...n I ddnt make a mistake in choosing mah friends, they r superb!!!

whts common....whts not? Am common all through body n soul:)
n now get gng on the tag:)

comfortably numb said...

temme wen u plan to fulfill tht dream...am very likely to hop on the bandwagon.

#9...u may laugh but its fast bcuming an issue now:D

btw...lotsa luk 4 ur eggjams:D

comfortably numb said...

yep...I guess my Maria syndrome gets 2 everyone
however fast u run, the tag will catch u:)

comfortably numb said...

mate...am sure there is much more to u than can be captured in just 25 bullet points!!!
thnx n get to work on this tag...wud luv 2 read urs!!!

comfortably numb said...

thnx 4 tagging me...had fun doing it!
laziness...am trying yaar.
study...bang on!!!
romance in loneliness....beautiful thought, very true too:)
keep visiting!!!

comfortably numb said...

thnx dear!!!
Sam was my fav character...welcome 2 d club regarding "Studyin Eng" dreams!!!
going out misconception...trust me, its not a gud situation 2 be in:D

comfortably numb said...

gr8 tht u r at least someway connected to wht u love doing!!!
am waiting 4 ur version of dis tag:)

Arunima said...

hey it was nice reading them all.
Seems U have given lotz of thought 2 write all 25.

>I thrive on leg pulling...
well this asset of urs...i was unaware of!
I agree on number#24

Whats in a name.......... said...

oye numb!!! this is freaky! i cud relate to pt 3,4,5,7,13,14,15,17,18,21 etc!!!! i ll prolly copy paste these if i am ever tagged!!lol

Ferrin B said...

ok so we have a LOT in common and ya, lets leave the Gandhigiri to the Munnabhai movies lol

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