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Saturday, July 12, 2008

About Sepulchre And Saim

"Sepulchre Of High Hopes" is my first attempt at the now ohh-so-in concept of blogging...born basically out of sheer boredom as I had absolutely nothing to do in life during the inception period, this is my way of getting back at the world...by raving and ranting about those randomly demented thoughts which have an open passage to my non existent brain. Also, this is one massive ego booster too...to think that a few chosen people also read those thoughts gets me on cloud 9 every single time:)

The name signifies how most of us cherish dreams and lofty ambitions, however unable to achieve them we tend to enshrine them in tombs of the heart effectively forming an analogical burial ground...a "sepulchre of high hopes"

This is a place where I talk about inherently random stuff (mostly nonsensical too)...I hardly tend to make any sense and the readers (if there are any i.e:D) are forewarned about trying to make any head or tails of the writings...please do so at your effing high risk:P
I tend to get highly sarcastic, haphazardly brazen and positively evillish at times...bear if you can, else you know how to close a browser window, right:)

I am extremely allergic to right wing, left wing, middle wing or any other wing views...religiously divisive views, racism based on caste, creed, color, status, religion, language or any other parameter and moral/cultural/societal policing are scowled upon with utter disdain...so, anyone with any such views has been forewarned!!!

If you are still here and ready to unleash some torture on yourself, you are now welcome with open arms:D

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