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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Opinion Required!!!

An eye for an eye may make the whole world one-eyed, but it's non-application would surely lead to the 1st person becoming completely blind.

This is a quote which I once used in a G.D. to justify a point.
Would like all you beautiful people's opinions on the justifiability of this statement.

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28 eulogies: on "Opinion Required!!!"

Keshi said...

**An eye for an eye may make the whole world one-eyed, but it's non-application would surely lead to the 1st person becoming completely blind.

No it wont! How can not seeking Revenge make anyone completely blind?


rantravereflect/ jane said...

i agree with keshi, unless what ya mean by that statement is that the second person followed the 'two eyes for an eye' philosophy, and hence the first person becomes blind!

Aayushi~ said...

We don't lose our senses (literalli) until we're dead.
life's rawkeeen.don't talk abt getting blind.lol :P

Scribblers Inc said...

kyun re??what blind an all...like aayushi says, keep rawkeen na baba!!:)

Scribblers Inc.

Vyzz said...


yea, eye for an eye..well, that rebel streak does teach people a lessson..now we wont want complete blind ppl would we :p



Ria said...

Well i dont agree with it!seeking revenge is something one does on impulse and even if its pre-meditated it will only lead to more unhappiness!!

comfortably numb said...

people...how could almost all of u get completely thrown off by the topic???
what I meant actually by the statement was that in view of d kind of power lust n aggressiveness that prevails in dis world, if u do not fight for ur rights then u will get browbeaten pretty badly. Of course, retaliation is not just physical...also REVENGE was never a theme here.
If u don't retaliate, then the harm to u will never stop in fact it will keep on going some notches higher.

comfortably numb said...

lolz...blindness is a metaphorical term here..sort of an analogy to all sorts of hardships inflicted on a person.
see my comment addressed to all to understand the topic

comfortably numb said...

@scribblers inc
please look @ d above comment to understand the topic.
yeah life's rawkeen
btw..welcum 2 my space

comfortably numb said...

absolutely...better that everyone has a one-eyed view than some not having a view @ all.

comfortably numb said...

revenge was never a theme here..please have a look @ d comment addressed to all to understand the topic.

Beauty and the BEast said...


The world works on balance. Scientist say so environmentalists say so. heck! Even relationship experts say so.. Damn!! Even maha gyaanis preaching at some odd sermon say so --

Give as much as you receive :p

I am all for the one-eyed world!!

comfortably numb said...

absolutely yaar...am all for everyone having a one-eyed view of this world rather than some not having any view 2 all.
plus...committing injustice is criminal but also bearing with injustice is criminal too.

Keshi said...

then the way u posed the Qn was wrong. Usually Eye for an eye, means REVENGE. Not Retaliation.

Revenge is 'Punishing' someone for an insult or injury done to u.

Retaliation is slightly different. It means getting back at someone for insult or injury done to u. And here, ur ans applies.



Anonymous said...

True, one-eyed all is way better to few blind people. Harmonization is best. my take :)

d SINNER!!! said...

its a one-eyed world alrdy, no?

everyone cant be a saint and I just agree with it, it is not about revenge but standing up...

"a strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for everyone" (just caught up with a quote from a movie)...hope i understood it right nuff!!!

comfortably numb said...

i think d quote was self explanatory...its just k u interpreted it differently..
neways...all's well tht ends well:)

ranjana said...

i still believe an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. but you thought is interesting too

Keshi said...

mebbe :)

But I feel Retaliate is abt making yourself feel good. Isnt it? Its not abt justice.


comfortably numb said...

nopes...retaliate is about standing up for urself...committing injustice is criminal but bearing injustice is criminal too!!!

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