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Thursday, April 30, 2009


The following conversation took place on the Set Max pre-IPL match show "Extra Innings" on the 29th of April, 09.
The special guest being Akash Chopra, the player who auditioned for an opening Test batsman role while playing T20 :D (words of Fake IPL Player).
Any how, this is how the conversation went...

Samir Kochar : So Akash, what's the reason that KKR have not been able to put up scores of substance regularly...where do you think you guyz were wrong?
Akash Chopra: Actually, the wickets in South Africa have some seam movement early on and all of us are accustomed to going slam bang from the first ball...so we have lost wickets to the new ball.

Slam bang and you Mr. Chopra...yeah right:D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Broken Desires

"Not much...how's the party going?"
"Good...yes, its going good."
(long pause)
"So...why didn't u come?"
"I had some work...sorry couldn't make it."
"You know you cannot lie na?"
"You know why I didn't come."
"Yes...you've been avoiding me off late."
"No...I'm trying to make things as they should be."
"Why can things not be how I want them to be?"
"Coz u deserve better."
"And who are you to decide what I deserve?"
"A friend...I think."
"Friends do not hurt each other..."
"Yes...but they do warn each other of wrong choices."
"Why the hell is my choice wrong?"
"Coz you desire something which you cannot have."
"Why is it so?"
"Because it is not within me to give you....it does not exist."
"I refuse to believe that it does not exist..."
"It did once..it does no more!!!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Me Taliban

I belong to the Taliban and I am a Talib.....says who? Says Honorable Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju.

Oh did he...I guess he must have strong valid reasons, right? Well, he does have a reason, yes.

Gosh...so you guys have infiltrated into Indian mainland, you must be a spy, right...what else would you be in India for? Hmm...I've always been in India, you see, I was born here, have been brought up here, studied here (though we hardly study in engineering colleges:D), intend to work here too if a certain IT major does not forget me...ohh n btw, I love India too but that I suppose is besides the point.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Of early mornings, sweltering noons and welcome evenings
Of languid baths, baked pancakes of faces and cold water face washes
Of kacche aam ki sharbat, aerated soft drinks and just about anything liquid
Of wishing classes got over early and rushing back for basketball sessions
Of Chutti Chutti, Jungle Book and Alif Laila
Of Ducktales, Chandrakanta and Chitrahaar
Of power cuts, shadow games and spook stories in the dark
Of Antaksharis and Dumb Charades
Of holiday homework and planning pranks
Of Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Famous Five
Of visits to the village and reunion with cousins
Of days spent in the playground with illusions of greatness
Of nights spent on the terrace making patterns in the sky

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Of a snippet and an award

Place:- An almost town in Bihar
Time:- About 9 in the evening
Setting:- 2 litre sealed Sprite bottle brought home has been discovered to contain an external twig like cylindrical object and yours truly has been asked to get a replacement bottle.

Me : "Is bottle mein kuch hai...isko badal do"
Shopkeeper : "Arre bhaiyya...geeft hoga"
Me : "Gift aise bottle ke andar nahin rehta hai...aur phir bottle pe kuch likha bhi to nahin hai gift ke baare mein"
Shopkeeper : "Surpriej geeft hoga na"...( and saying that he gave me a different bottle )

Yours truly was gutting his heart out soundlessly on hearing that reply...lolz!!!