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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Broken Desires

"Not much...how's the party going?"
"Good...yes, its going good."
(long pause)
"So...why didn't u come?"
"I had some work...sorry couldn't make it."
"You know you cannot lie na?"
"You know why I didn't come."
"Yes...you've been avoiding me off late."
"No...I'm trying to make things as they should be."
"Why can things not be how I want them to be?"
"Coz u deserve better."
"And who are you to decide what I deserve?"
"A friend...I think."
"Friends do not hurt each other..."
"Yes...but they do warn each other of wrong choices."
"Why the hell is my choice wrong?"
"Coz you desire something which you cannot have."
"Why is it so?"
"Because it is not within me to give you....it does not exist."
"I refuse to believe that it does not exist..."
"It did once..it does no more!!!"

There was a finality in that statement which told her that the conversation was over. As she put down the receiver the tears rushed out engulfing her in despair and deject, a pain of rejection hit her very senses, a feeling of numbness crept about and yet amongst all that she knew he was right...her choice was wrong, she did desire something which did not exist.
It hardly mattered that it was the only thing she desired.

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28 eulogies: on "Broken Desires"

Vyzz said...

oh saim dude..this was so beautiful..so cold...my heart goes out to her.

it's alright.

thanks nice one..


mixedblessings89 said...

Holy ****! What is wrong with you? What's with all the depression, bhai? Ah, well... I can hardly complain against melancholia, but whatever... it was really good by the way.

Vinz aka Vinu said...

Nice write up...

But on a general note, do everyone gets what they desires..? Is rejection a solution for that.. Dont know..i consider this piece to be a fiction.. And then i say, gud fiction..!!


enchantinganki said...

new here!
was just hopping by..

this conversation reminded me of many things :-|

I am speechless!

Keshi said...

very well written CN!

**she did desire something which did not exist.

I dun think its a bad thing to desire something that does not exist. cos often desiring things that exist make us more miserable!

comfortably numb said...

someone's fiction is always someone's reality...one hardly gets what one desires!!!

comfortably numb said...

well said...better to despair in dejection than despair in make belief happiness!!!

comfortably numb said...

yes...thts life I suppose!!!
btw...would have liked if u had taken an identity but neways:)

The Rat... said...

:-) was watching this movie today wr a 20 yr old falls in love with a 50 yr old.. the dialogue..

Gal: y r u leaving..
Guy : coz u deserve someone fresher..
Gal: and who are u to decide it...

:-) sound similar huh... but seriously saim how can someone make desicions for others, how ever close they may be... ????

priyanka said...

This conversation reminds me of something so very similar... :|
very well written..

U touched a nerve.. Touche' !!

comfortably numb said...

they can't...but I suppose in this case the guy made a decision for himself...he could not give her what she deserved...so he walked away!!!

comfortably numb said...

I didn't mean to...but I suppose someone's fiction is another's reality...hope it's not bad memories though!!!
come more often!!!

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