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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Of early mornings, sweltering noons and welcome evenings
Of languid baths, baked pancakes of faces and cold water face washes
Of kacche aam ki sharbat, aerated soft drinks and just about anything liquid
Of wishing classes got over early and rushing back for basketball sessions
Of Chutti Chutti, Jungle Book and Alif Laila
Of Ducktales, Chandrakanta and Chitrahaar
Of power cuts, shadow games and spook stories in the dark
Of Antaksharis and Dumb Charades
Of holiday homework and planning pranks
Of Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Famous Five
Of visits to the village and reunion with cousins
Of days spent in the playground with illusions of greatness
Of nights spent on the terrace making patterns in the sky

Of summer months, holidays and childhood
Of memories still fresh as the morning dew

P.S...This is my take on the tag which I was asked to do by Aditi.
@Aditi...dunno whether this qualifies, was sort of confused regarding this tag...so just went ahead on this chain of thoughts:)

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27 eulogies: on "SummerNova"

Phoenix said...

beautiful.... i could so related.. am porar shorbot... chutti chutti... uff... i miss my childhood!!

mixedblessings89 said...

It's lovely! This is exaactly what the tag was supposed to be! And I cannot believe we share so many memories- almost every thing you mentioned was familiar.

It made me feel like :)

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

Took me back to my own happy summer hols....all gone! For m summer also was predominated by the tender coconut guy passing through our street and all of us rushing to him and fingting over who got how much coconut (the while tender part) inside.

comfortably numb said...

am sure u can relate 2 it...rem watching "Sonar Kella" n other Ray classics on Chutti Chutti...dose were the days, seriously:)

comfortably numb said...

is it really? am glad I got the right chord then...
thnk u for asking me to do this tag...made me revisit some of the best days ever:)

Keshi said...

u hv a magical way of 'painting' pictures with ur word. BEAUTIFUL CN!

**Of nights spent on the terrace making patterns in the sky

I loved it!


Whats in a name.......... said...

i want panna!!!!now!!!!its so hot and ur piece is so summery that i want panna right now!!!!!

Mayz said...

u took me back in time man...sigh i miss those summer holidays...

somehow neva felt d blazin sun then...n now its become intolerable

Ria said...

Hey tht was a nice and summery post!!took me back to my childhood days. :)

Anonymous said...

nostalgia gives me peace and you just showed me the way :D
thank you!

comfortably numb said...

yeah mate...the sun never came into consideration when one was scoring goals and dunking three pointers:)

The Rat... said...

wow...u made me nostalgic.. by the way did u catch d Jungle book series in Pogo now... :-)

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