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Thursday, April 30, 2009


The following conversation took place on the Set Max pre-IPL match show "Extra Innings" on the 29th of April, 09.
The special guest being Akash Chopra, the player who auditioned for an opening Test batsman role while playing T20 :D (words of Fake IPL Player).
Any how, this is how the conversation went...

Samir Kochar : So Akash, what's the reason that KKR have not been able to put up scores of substance regularly...where do you think you guyz were wrong?
Akash Chopra: Actually, the wickets in South Africa have some seam movement early on and all of us are accustomed to going slam bang from the first ball...so we have lost wickets to the new ball.

Slam bang and you Mr. Chopra...yeah right:D

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20 eulogies: on "ROFL..."

The Rat... said...

ha ha haha.... as i said 11 fools playing.. it seems some fools sit at d seam n make inane comments too

Anonymous said...

You really seem to hate that guy....but yeah slam bang is stretching it way too far for him.
@your previous post: very real...you should do more of these conversation posts.


Urv said...

Ha ha! Akash certainly is flying high ;)

By the way, I hate all the presentation jokers of Set Max

Sach! said...

When I heard this I went lmao too!!!
Btw...awesome template! Lemme come back nd you'll do that for me too ;-) :P

comfortably numb said...

I dun hate him, I pity him:)
will do more of those sort of posts surely:)

comfortably numb said...

thnx 4 tempy...just copy pasting tricks 4m various sources:D
cum back soon!!!

loony girl said...

rofl!! i agree!!!
also am back from the dead.
with new blog


and in case you are wondering who i am, its the desi girl! i hope ye remember me.


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