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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mending Fences


As the Office Communicator dazzled on his desktop taskbar, signifying a new instant message, Owais had a glance @ d taskbar clock which told him the time to be 9:55 pm.

Sarkar, Snigdha : Aur kitni der tak tumhare naam k side pe green light jalegi:P
Haider, Owais : Kya karen.....work, has been postulated, by sum frigging assholes, 2 b worship:(

She always marveled @ his having a cheeky remark for almost every moment.....it was one of the reasons which had drawn her so steadfastly to him, one of the reasons why she missed their regular conversations so much, why she missed him, so much.

Sarkar, Snigdha : Now, isn't that rich coming from a workaholic like you:P
Haider, Owais : Duh....ye ilzaam to mat lagao:(

Monday, July 05, 2010

Justifying a Bandh - Almost

Sitting in the corner of his shanty, Manohar kept dreading the onset of evening.....the time when his children, sleeping on a half starved stomach, would wake up and inevitably ask for some food. It was a wish he could not fulfill this evening. A question he could not answer this evening. Of course, his children would understand his silence soon enough and would not say another single word but that would only heighten his sense of despair.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fragile Faith

The world, seemingly, is divided into two types of people ~~~ there are the normal souls who swear by this entity called love, the ones who tend to go into a swoon @ the mere mention of the second most famous four letter word in the English vocabulary:P These are the ones who will jump to claw @ your throat if u even so as make a mere mention of love in a less than exalted breath. For them, love is what the world thrives on...in fact, it's only coz of love that there is life.
But this article does not concern these normal, beautiful souls.