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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fragile Faith

The world, seemingly, is divided into two types of people ~~~ there are the normal souls who swear by this entity called love, the ones who tend to go into a swoon @ the mere mention of the second most famous four letter word in the English vocabulary:P These are the ones who will jump to claw @ your throat if u even so as make a mere mention of love in a less than exalted breath. For them, love is what the world thrives on...in fact, it's only coz of love that there is life.
But this article does not concern these normal, beautiful souls.

The world works on the principles of balance. For a right there must be a wrong, for every spooky dark corner, there must be a halo of luminance.....every religion must have it's fair share of blasphemous souls, and love is no different.

To counter the believers, we have the cynics....these are the ones who do not fall for the charms of the most zealously followed religion in the world, these r the ones who snigger and belt out sarcasm laden tit bits if they find people proclaiming their love for love, to them it is the most over hyped feeling in this world.

There are various variations of these cynics.....some are converts to blasphemy coz their beliefs were betrayed, some just think that the tenets of this religion are too dogmatic, some are blasphemous just for the wicked sense of satisfaction in riling up the believers and some are just pure atheists who think that love is actually just an excuse to indulge in the only other four letter word in this world which is more famous...different mindsets they all have yet they remain steadfast to their agenda of not allowing the world to be gobbled up by this all conquering faith.

Yet for all their devotion to sacrilege, the attrition rate is alarmingly high. Every other moment another one of their faction bites the dust. An atheist to believer, the shift is smooth and swift. Soon, he is lost in the teeming millions of the swooning crowd...devoid of his non-beliefs, of his nonchalance, of his identity.

What, you may wonder, is the reason for this...How is it that such staunch beliefs dwindle away in seconds...How come that people who one moment carry the baton of non-belief, let it slip away from their hands without even as much as a mild struggle.

Religion, is said to be the opium of the masses. And it, unfortunately, holds truest for the religion of love. It is, of course, addictive to the hilt but the worst part is how one does not know when it strikes. Unlike other known addictions like drugs, alcohol et all you do not even need to try this opium.

In fact, it is the drug that tries you and we, innocent and nubile beings, fall all hook, line and sinker for it's allure. Unknowingly, unbeknownst to the self, it creeps up to you and engulfs the being in it's sickeningly sweet embrace. It's devices are countless ~~~ be it a seemingly harmless smile which suddenly lights up your world and darkens your non-faith or perhaps some random gesture which blots your non-belief, the cynics of this world have a harrowing time maintaining their faith or rather, the lack of it.

It is ultimately a delicate line that these non believing, blasphemous souls walk.....a fragile faith that they possess, not because they are frail in their steadfastness, rather because they are battling an enemy which is too powerful. How can these proudly stubborn beings guard their non-faith when their own senses betray them.

P.S Inspired from the title of the most rocking movie on the horizon "I Hate Luv Storys" which should probably have been titled "I'll Hate Luv Storys Till I Can":P

P.P.S People reading this, are requested humbly not to make any assumptions in regards that this post may, even remotely, have anything whatever to do with the writer's own life:D

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2 eulogies: on "Fragile Faith"

Mayz said...

no assumptions bro...

but some times i think its good to keep wearin the mask...either one...shhhhh!!! m jus sayin

Ferrin B said...

haha good thing you wrote that last line :P
but seriously saim, i loved it. it makes absolute sense.

and oh ya, hi :P long time! ;)

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