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Saturday, July 05, 2008


Have u ever wished that the Earth split up @ your feet and swallowed u in her bosom? Have u ever been so embarrassed that u wished everyone became blissfully oblivious of u? Have u ever wished that Muggles could Apparate? (in J.K.Rowling language). In short, have u ever wished u could disappear into thin air? ......."woooosh"
I certainly have, on quite a few occasions too. Below I share some of those "woooosh" moments of my life.


  • Time:- Jan 2001, 12.30pm IST
  • Place:- IX B classroom, St. Anthony's High School, Central Kolkata
  • Incident:- The whole secondary section of the school had gone off to the training ground for Annual Sports Heats. However, owing to my several other commitments (read:- school mag editor, outgoing students farewell-in-charge) apart from being the house prefect, I was withheld from going by our extra-curricular activities head. However, little did I know, that I would soon be witness to an intensely heated verbal spat between two teachers. Me, the silent spectator of that verbal equivalent of a cock-fight (cock-hen fight, actually:P) as those two went @ each other completely oblivious of my humble presence.

  • Time:- Nov 2007, 10.30pm IST
  • Place:- Some Banquet Hall, Central Kolkata
  • Incident:- Reception party of Z's (one of my bestest friends) bro. Now, we are childhood friends and are quite close...as close that I, not only know his family members but also most of his uncle n aunts, cousins n like. I suddenly notice this really cute looking girl, saunter off to Z n casually (decently though:D) remark how stunningly beautiful a creature she looks... *10 sec pause* ..."she's my cousin from Jamshedpur", replies Z. I'm like "well, beauty needs to be appreciated nonetheless".

  • Time:- Dec 2007, 6.30pm IST
  • Place:- Sweet Home, Central Kolkata
  • Relevant facts:- I have a handset which transmits crystal clear voice which allows others besides me to hear the sounds, though (thankfully) they can't distinguish the words. Also, I live in a two room flat.
  • Incident:- S, (close friend) got into a fling with a nearly psychotic, ever-willing tissue ad model kind of a girl. 2 weeks into the relationship, he fully comprehended his cataclysmic folly, broke up and stopped answering her calls. 2nd day of the 3rd week, I get a call from an unknown number which I pick up. It is her and she wants S's landline number which I have been forewarned not to give under any circumstances. So, I reply in the negative but she doesn't hang up; rather starts telling me how miserable her life is. It starts with a few choked words which turn into a semblance of a sob, soon replaced by incessant crying and ultimately hoarse bawling. Am @ a loss of words coz Dad is sitting just beside me and have guests in the other room. Of course, my courteous self is not allowing me to hang up but an getting some real stares from Dad. Finally, however, I manage to squeeze in some words of encouragement in the midst of her tear-jerker and hang up. "Any problem", Dad asks. "None whatsoever", replies me.

  • Time:- Feb 2008, 4.30pm IST
  • Place:- S's terrace, Central Kolkata
  • Incident:- We were having one of our customary adda (lazing around get togethers) sessions. I had R sitting on my adjacent right...talk somehow moved to smoking n yours truly dived into naming the latest entrants to that pit of fumes...."guyz, day b4 yesterday, I came across T puffing a cigarette...lad's grown up, it seems". No one came up with a verbal reaction but I saw both S n S giving me death glares and pointing shiftily to my right. I was a bit confused as to this absurd reaction when a brainwave occured and I remembered that T was R's younger brother. "Maybe it was just a one-off curiosity trip", I followed up.

There, I'm done...those are all that come to mind @ dis oppurtune moment. Now I'm bang on sure that all of you have had some such moments...So, without further ado...I invite all of u, beautiful people, to share your "woooosh" moments here.

P.S. Watched Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na...quite good it is, script is nothing new but three wholesome cheers for the treatment n one heck of a climax...must watch recommendation from my side.

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45 eulogies: on "WOOOOSH "

Sach said...

OMG! Am I the first one to comment!
Anyways my whoosh moments need to be blogged! :)
Btw I have so many memories to that S's bro's reception. Have gone through similar moments n i know its damn damn embarrassing but then fun to think over again...

Aa̲yushi said...

i hardly have whoosh vaale moments.:(

btw,i DESPERATELY want muggles to apparate!!!

Ria said...

Well i m due to do this tag!havnt been able to think of five such moments. :) Lets hope i get there soon. Hey me goin to c tht movie tomorrow with my guy! I knw we'll enjoy it thoroughly.Seems very fresh and lively. :)

brocasarea said...

hmm..pretty interesting!..
that Zs cousin incident was pretty embarassing i guess!!:)

d SINNER!!! said...

hey, cute incidents...

however, if i find two teachers fighting in front of me, i would have my laugh of the day, i think!!!

Anindita said...

Ahhh.... The same shit! Just a different protagonist! =D

Btw, I love your new template! Very clean, very fresh and totally rocking!! :)

Vyzz said...


nice..u rem those moments..i'd rather not rem..lol

ok here goes..once when i wentto a national park withthe school..climbing trees wa swhat i was good at supposedly..so well, i jumped..adn my pinafore got stuck in one of the branches..and voila! i could see the world upside down!!!

and everyone cud see what i had underneath...lol

yea..i just told u this while im apparating..:D



rantravereflect/ jane said...

one-off curiosity trip.. buhaahahhhahahah... mannnnnn, ow many times i've been a dumbbb situation like tat.. n i'm always comin up those wierd -ass totally off-the-line kinda rejoinders that make the other person knpw i'm trying to cover-up big -tyme :(:(:(

prefect, mag-editor: was tat situation described jus to blow ya trumpet?? ;);)

s' s gf callin--> temme the truth, if dad wasnt there , ya'd ve put ya moves on her ryte ;);)
n im watchin jaane tu ya jaane na this week! yupppppperz!!


comfortably numb said...

trust me...if u dont have any, u r 1 lucky gal
but sooner rather than later, wooosh will strike
btw...apparition is a long cherished dream

comfortably numb said...

not a lot..after all v r best friends, so he knew i was just praising beauty:)

comfortably numb said...

@d sinner
yeah i laughed my head off later when repeating d inci to mah frnds
but in front of them, it was pretty woooshy:)

comfortably numb said...

who doesnt yaar...all of us r attracted to that magical land..more so now that harry has killed voldy:)

comfortably numb said...

yeah he lost...sometimes things happen
no worries though, he'll b bak better inshaallah

comfortably numb said...

its d same for all of us
nvr intended it...just wanted to put d reason for my staying bak
but now tht u mention it,they do blow some trumpets:D
s's gf---no ways..ddnt i describe her as near-psychotic
am sure u'll love d movie

Metrosexual Monk said...

I've had that before; nice girl turns out to be friend's relative.

A feeling worst than sinking into oblivion, that was.

has left a positive effect though. every nice girl I now see with a guy, its blindly assumed that is her bro. and shes available!

comfortably numb said...

not tht worse for me coz v r frnds for life n he obv understood tht i meant it as just good praise:)
btw..like ur logic though
n welcum 2 my space

Keshi said...

If I saw an intensely heated verbal spat between two teachers!

Teachers r not only supposed to teach lessons in class but also through their general demeanor.


rantravereflect/ jane said...

:0 heeeeee.. blowing ya trumpet!! pa-pa-ra-pum!!

heee.. visit my blog plainjane4u.blogspot.com for updates :)

comfortably numb said...

yeah, i suppose so...probably that was a lesson planned alternatively which aimed @ showing what not to do:D

Anonymous said...


happens with me many times, especially when one of my friend says "you're in a big doo-doo, girl" and when i am in my bad-patches!

phew, reminds me of the worst experiance... a friend was to pick me up and i was told that she'll have the white car.. (which? not told!)
so i was standing there outside my office, my cell buzzed which meant that they're nearby and a white car stopped right in front of me and a girl (whose face was hidden in huge shades) waved at me.. i lurched, rushed, opened the door and slipped it.
guess what happened? It was Someone else, although they turn out to be my seniors, but for 2 minutes i sat in the car not realizing what had i done ! crap!!

they had actually stopped for another girl, who was standing beside me *ouch* so embarrassing !!

ranjana said...

hmmm i feel like disappearing from this earth quite often thee days,...wish i could apparate or at least make some people apparate

Ferrin B said...

i suppose everybody have their whoosh moments..mine arent really nice to put up on my blog tho :D

Nits said...

hmm..well i think my "woooosh" moment would have to be coz of my relatively low memory...
i forgot to wish a girl on her birthday, inspite of her reminding me that a week before...Such a sweet girl that she was, she called me up on mine(which was a month later) and kindly wished me...it was then that i realized what i had done...and probably that would be my "woooosh" moment!

comfortably numb said...

very uncomfy feeling that is....forgetting a bday n den getting wished by that same someone!!!

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