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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ravings of my moronic self...

Hello every1...bak to posting something!!!

No social commentary to put forward, no story to tell, no poem to puke out neither any tag to finish (actually, do have a couple of tags pending but am not feeling upto them yet)...so, the burning question is "what to write about?".....hmmm *deliberations* .......hmmmm *intense deliberations* .......hmmmmmm *desperate deliberations* .....damn!!!

Ok...let's just write about the world in general.
My humble (n absolutely unwarranted) take on the happenings of dear world.... *tongue-in-cheek*

### UPA n the LEFT headed for a divorce...well, how long can a marriage without carnal pleasures last:P (outside support n all, no scope for sex, u c)....yeah, yeah....i know that was disgustingly tasteless but allow me some leeway (for just being me:D)

### Inflation @ a record high of 11.42%, prime reason being the exorbitant rise in prices of crude oil....well, that was just waiting to happen. What else do u xpect with so much of oiling n buttering of corrupt politicians, evil bosses n eviller faculties of engineering colleges happening.

### The GJM have brought life to a standstill in the upper echelons of West Bengal, reason being their demand for talks leading to the formation of a new state Gorkhaland....actually, they have realised that's the only way they could ever form a government coz Bengal will always be RED.

### The Arushi murder case continues to haunt our imaginations n baffle the CBI....*may u get justice*

### Bill Gates has bid adieu to Microsoft Corporations n will now concentrate on doing philantrophic work...*lots of luck, buddy!*

### Jane Mcgrath, wife of ex-Aussie quickie Glenn Mcgrath, has departed from this world after a prolonged battle with breast cancer.....*R.I.P* Jane n all the other departed souls of this world.

### Big W has started and even b4 the 1st week draws to a close, Maria Sharapova has been knocked out....*absolute agony* ......of course, the same fate has befallen Djokovic, Roddick, Sania n Ivanovic but who the hell cares about their exits, anyway? Am still reeling from the shock of beloved Maria crashing out....*disturbed sigh* ....now, it's all upto u, Roger!!!

### It's a Germany vs Spain finale @ the Euro Cup....will be rooting whole-heartedly for the Spanish Armada to nail the Germans but am having that sinking feeling of the Germans coming through....For the record, I, abso-bloody-lutely hate the German football team....reason: haven't yet forgotten their crooked victory over Argentina in the 1990 World Cup Final.

### COLDPLAY have launched a new album "Viva La Vida".....caught a miniscule sneak peek on VH1 n it sounds promising. A friend called up to say that it's mind blowing n all but he borders on fanaticism sometimes, so i'll have to make sure b4 committing myself to a critique.

### Two women were asked to vacate the podium @ a Barack Obama function coz they were clad in the traditional "hijab"....yes, Obama did personally apologize to the women later on but that's besides the point. A pity really, coz u r allowed to wear whatever u choose....yes, forcible enforcement of the "hijab" needs to be condemned but so does the forcible enforcement of it's non-allowance.
Just an observation.....a Muslim woman willfully clad in the "hijab" is frowned upon and termed offensive by quite a few in the western world, yet the same world reveres its Catholic nuns who are willfully dressed in similar attires.

On the personal front, not much happening....life's mundane n meandering. Still awaiting my joining letter.....also awaiting the release of "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na"....cooped up in my house staring either @ printed paper (read: newspapers/books) or glass monitors (read: idiot box/PC).....saw a movie the other day titled "The Green Mile" n just loved it.....planning a school re-union someday next week n hoping to hit off well with my old chums (been almost 7/8 years since I met some of the people xpected to b present thr)....btw....got my final semester results n yeah, I passed....so,I guess, am officially an engineer now *gulp*

Sample dis....A guy, on giving a jingoistically pro-woman statement, was asked by his friend " R u a feminist?"....On this d guy replied "No, but am neither a masculinist"......yes, yes....I know that was a P.J (P standing for pathetic) *sheepish grin*

Red Hot Song of The Moment: Bakhuda tumhi ho from the movie "Kismat Konnection" .....check it out here http://www.mp3pk.net/indian/kismat_konnection.html

Also, am sure most of u have noticed by now but for the benefit of those who have been enchantingly engrossed in my ravings, I, have a new template installed:D:D .....n yes, I am xpecting some praise on my xcellent choice (d xcellent part has been deemed by myself:D)
Newayz, enough ravings of my moronic self.....so long,till next time

C ya, buddyz!!!

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29 eulogies: on "Ravings of my moronic self..."

brocasarea said...

i support either federer or nadal this time!..hope any one in these 2 make it!...
In euro dont have a favbut hope Germany make it!

Congrats for ur result:)

Mahi said...

hey, even im waiting for "jaane tu" to release! loved all the songs from the movie...after all, it's ar rahman's!
i liked ur new template, looks betta than the previous one!

and wow man, ur an engineer now! congratssss!

What's In A Name ? said...

lovely template. classy ! where from ?

and yes, me taking the quotation widget too. Thought of installing one long ago. Your blog just kicked me into action. :P

Sach said...


*Inflation is bad.....

*May Arushi get justice soon else I'll die of hearing that whole media coverage.
(Sorry God! I know I am being wring but now it has become *unbearable*)

*Read abt Jane..Was a bold n lovely lady! God bless her soul!

*Sport time :D

*Jaane Tu needs to be seen soon!!!
And KK is seeming to be good...

marvin the paranoid android said...

1. me hates left. period.
2. inflation. me thinks caused more by speculation.
3. gorkhaland. well next will be me demanding my home to be declared a separate state.
4. arushi murder case. get a life, people...
5. bill gates. one of the few sensible and powerful people in the world.
6. jane mcgrath. rip. but ditto 4.
7. sharapova. ouch!! that hurt...
8. euro. germany will win.
9. coldplay. like them but aint no fanatic.
10. obama. we all are hypocrites.

and yes, congrats for becoming an engr...

Aa̲yushi said...

You've become a news reporter now?

So shaad bro :(

Nice nice hai bhai.
And I absolutely adore this new template of yrs..kaha se li?
And its long time since i had you on my blog..sis ko bhul gaya? :)

solo said...

nice template and lovely thought inducing thoughts!!
thanks fr hindi songs link.. i needed tht.. never knew where to download hindi songs frm :|

ranjana said...

i enjoyed reading all the news items....now this is the way i want to read a newspaper :)

comfortably numb said...

thnx...n Spain won*devilish laughter*
n u just can't support both, take a pick.

comfortably numb said...

inflations real bad...n jaane tu has been seen....*awesome* is d verdict
i can understand ur sentiments on d excessive media coverage bit

comfortably numb said...

not a reporter,just my take on d happenings
see earlier comment for template source
been a bit busy...will visit ur blog right now
can nvr forget u dear sis

comfortably numb said...

if only d whole world gets as tolerant as u r,then maybe newspapers may come like dis:)
btw...welcum 2 my space

g-man said...

woohoo nice post bro! esp since i don't read the newspapers :D n yea, bengal will always be red. to an extent, most of kerala too! n let us hope that at least now, microsoft products stop crashing every nanosecond :|

rantravereflect/ jane said...

heeeeee :)
heee. ya remind me of cyrus of the 'week that wasn't' maybe ya should scrips for those political parodies..
n btw, i dun think i'd enjoy those age=old morons get at it man!! i mean that's wat teh congress n the upa are abt ryte!!!

me awaityn teh release of jaane tu ya jaane ne as we;lll... awww imran khan is soooo fukn cuteeee.. *goes all gooey*

n the new template rocks buddy!! totalleeeee!!
mwuahhh :*:*:*

comfortably numb said...

nah yaar...wouldn't want cyrus to loose his livelihood:D
not only d cong n upa...thts what all d political parties r for,only just that
thnx for d template praise:)

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