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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nothing really.......

It’s been approximately a month since I officially finished college. What this has led to is me getting secluded within the confines of my sweet home having absolutely nothing to do. Of course, this pleasant Kolkata weather (scorching heat to endless drizzle) has a very definitive part in “my-staying-@-home” syndrome but that’s besides the point.

Well, to be very frank, it’s not that I really don’t have anything to do…I mean, yeah I finished college and exams are over and am waiting for my joining letter (god knows, when its going to come), but that’s not @ all proof enough that am ready to become a professional. Engineers, all over (especially the WBUT one’z) would quite agree with me that finishing college actually heralds the beginning of studies. So, all my subject books (C, C++, JAVA, DBMS n etc, etc) are crying out loud for me to have a glance @ them. I know I need to study but just don’t feel upto it yet… *damn* …. My bookshelf has been on the verge of puking out all its contents since eternity but it finally seems to be reaching a breaking point. That list of “movies-to-be-watched” is getting irritatingly long and dare I say , am not working on shortening its length. Juxtaposed along with these are quite a few “things-to-do” which I had sort of resolutioned to do @ the 1st arrival of free time. So, it actually is a myth well cultivated by my endless sessions of lazing around that I have nothing to do.

Newayz, enough of this nonsensical scribble…coming back to what’s happening in dear (22 year old) life…not much really!!!

  • Am still stuck up on college… *missin it terribly*
  • French open ended familiarly….Fedex getting pummelled (yet again) by Nadal and me ranting to my bro about Rafa being a “clay ka mendak” (as in kuaen ka mendak)…hope dis comment doesn’t bite me bak during Big W... *fingerz X* n top it off, Maria got knocked off in the pre-quarters…bottomline :-pretty fucked up Grand Slam
  • Watched “SARKAR RAJ” last Saturday… my verdict- *okies* ….1st half was good, lost a bit of zing post intermission.
  • Two of my bestest friends have got their joining letters (end-of-fun life warrants, really) and are off to Pune…*lots of luck to them in their endeavours, njoyyyy buddyz :)*
  • Read “THE 3 MISTAKES OF MY LIFE” yesterday… 1st Chetan Bhagat book I’ve read…nice read it was, I think chetan’s books are so popular coz they are almost fully in dialouge-mode, but that’s just my guess based on just one book and am no authority on critiquing books as well…so let that be.

Ok…now this is really becoming a nothing post, in fact, I am wondering whether its postable…but what the hell, its my space and am sure any of u who stumble across will not hold this one against me, considering all of u are such wonderful people, so I definitely can indulge :)

C ya buddyz….tc!!!
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16 eulogies: on "Nothing really......."


That was great.The last paragraph.Thats the freedom we get in this sphere.there is democracy in blogging.I beleive everyone should start blogging.Nobody in this world except you can decide whether this is postable or not.
i loved that freedom
loved your frankness.
best wishes buddy...

Ria said...

Hmm gud to knw tht u r utilising ur time well!hav a nice time and ofcourse u can indulge! :D

Beauty and the BEast said...


Well doing nothing sometimes is as good as doing a lot.. mebbe u need this forced break.. u know? the rejuvenation, recuperation gyaan??

Have fun!

Whats in a name.......... said...

this ones so much of a reflection of my life as of now-stagnant and hanging in the middle of nowhere!!
college over, but we re not over it yet!! and the wait the endless wait!!aah...sigh sigh**

comfortably numb said...

i can very well imagine...lets just hope this stagnation bears sum fruitfulness
btw,what r u waitin for???

comfortably numb said...

n yeah...its high time i read sumthng from u, ur blog needs a new post...buck up dear!!!

What's In A Name ? said...

about the eternally idle WBUT engineer waiting for joining-date.......Thanks for posting this!

g-man said...

i've still got a year more of college to go. and i can't wait for it to get over! i got 'the 3 mistakes of my life' for a friend. now i've got to borrow it and read it :D

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