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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Power of 8

Tag time!!! Taking g-man's comments to heart i hereby post my very first tag "8"

8 things I am passionate about
  1. Friends and family...absolutely love them
  2. Reading...absolute reading freak here, u want me distracted....just hand me a book (course books xcluded, off course)
  3. Music...sedative of my life
  4. Writing...always used to love it, blogging has just reignited the passion
  5. Chocolate...cakes,fudge,ice cream or just a choco bar....nethin will do as long as its got chocolate
  6. Winters...they are such a relief, have always wished to live in places like Canada,etc where its permanent winter
  7. Addas...as they provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in "taang-khinchofying"
  8. Manchester United...d best club on the planet *glory all the way* *keep Believing*
8 things i want to do b4 i die
  1. Perform the holy pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina
  2. Learn to play the guitar (n i mean, really well)
  3. Go live on international television...preferably participating in a debate
  4. Rid INDIA off it's greatest malaise, corruption
  5. Earn loads of money
  6. Write a book...in fact, i already have the basic premise in place
  7. Watch Manchester United winning the Champions League @ the "theater of dreams"
  8. Go out on a date with Maria Sharapova on a secluded beach with lilting melody playing in the background... *sighs*
8 things i say often
  1. As Salam Alai Kum
  2. Wassup
  3. Chad Yaar
  4. Inshaallah
  5. Get Real
  6. Shit
  7. Hell, I Care
  8. Allah Hafiz

8 books that i have recently read
I have included my course subject text books here coz as much and as well we ignore them, they finally @ the end are part of the "book-family".
  1. The 3 Mistakes Of My Life by Chetan Bhagat
  2. Manual Of The Warrior Of Light by Paulo Coelho
  3. The Deceiver by Frederick Forsyth
  4. A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Spark
  5. The Cassandra Compact by Robert Ludlum
  6. The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkein
  7. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  8. The Complete Reference To Java by Herbert Schildt
8 songs i could listen to over and over again
I am going to segregate this and do two lists, one each for Indian and Western numbers.

Western :-

  1. Sacrifice by Elton John
  2. Have I Told You Lately by Rod Stewart
  3. Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams
  4. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
  5. Take Me To Your Heart by MLTR
  6. Forever And For Always by Shania Twain
  7. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day
  8. No Matter What by Boyzone
Indian :-
  1. Ye Dil Tum Bin Kahin Lagta Nahin
  2. Mujhse Naraaz Ho To Ho Jao
  3. Yehi Hota Pyaar Hai Kya
  4. Jaane Kya Chahe Mann Baanwra
  5. Kuch Is Tarah
  6. Sarakti Jaaye Hai Rukh Se Naqaab
  7. Tu Jo Nahin Hai
  8. Hamein Jab Se Mohabbat Ho Gayi Hai
8 persons who i tag
Don't know many persons here, so am tagging all those who i know.
  1. What's in a name
  2. Behind brown eyes
  3. Beauty and the beast
  4. What's in a name (another one, yes)
  5. Ria
  6. Aayushi
  7. Gunj
  8. Solo
N.B:- If any of the above people have already done this, please pardon my ignorance and let it be....*peace*

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26 eulogies: on "Power of 8"

g-man said...

^5 at most of the things you're passionate about. wats an adda btw?

you aren't into metal? and i haven't even heard of any of the indian songs you've put up :|

Anonymous said...


I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!


Whats in a name.......... said...

just read the kite runner!!!awesome is the word!!
wanna learn how to play the guitar myself sigh**
and yes peace peace*****

Beauty and the BEast said...

lol!! Nicee...

a date with maria sharapva might not be that impossible you knw ;)

Good to know you better :)

comfortably numb said...

adda is a hindi term for get together...
wht u saying man...dese r sum of d best songs to ever exist....
n am not into metal..@least not yet

comfortably numb said...

thnx...n yes, they all r nice songs..in fact these r d 1st 8 tht came to mind..
btw..welcum 2 my space

comfortably numb said...

me too n thnx for the link..thts priceless..ddnt even knw it existed
thnx again
btw...welcum 2 my space

comfortably numb said...

thnx...luking fwd 2 knwing u bttr too
n abt tht date...thnx for keeping up my spirits :D

Keshi said...

**Music...sedative of my life

mine too. w.o. Music I'd be long gone by now.

U hv great taste in Music.


brocasarea said...

hmm....liked the first part...like writing and books too:)...
but am an arsenal fan![makes me anti-manu?]!!!...

comfortably numb said...

thnx....welcum 2 my space
plz dont ever call "manu"...it's derogatory...man utd wud ne fine.
and u cud be an arsenal fan,but doesnt mean u have to be anti-man utd....*peace*

comfortably numb said...

thnx for appreciating...it was said keeping in mind all d shit tht each club's supp say abt their rival clubs.

brocasarea said...

@ numb..yeah....everyday i read it in those orkut communities!!!!...u a ronaldo fan?

Ferrin B said...

"Go out on a date with Maria Sharapova on a secluded beach with lilting melody playing in the background... "
haha keep hoping, you never know :D

i can so connect, i'm very passionate about writing as well.reading- yes. chocolate-ditto. music-ditto.

im just waitin to go to india and buy chetan bhagat's 3 mistakes of my life. how was it by the way?

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