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Sunday, March 08, 2009

50 and counting...

One fine hot summer day in May, a visibly bored yours truly was browsing through communities on dear Orkut randomly hopping from one to the other with absolutely no end purpose...then in one of those random communities (dun even remember which 1), in the members section a face was spotted...a photoshopped hazy picture which did not hide the fact that the face was actually quite captivating:D (dun know whether the picture was made hazy to hide that fact or not)...but naturally yours truly reached that profile and among other things found a hyperlink with a funny name beside the "webpage" option...curios me could not resist and in the blink of an eye the hyperlink was clicked...redirected to a new page and voila...the enchanting blogosphere was discovered, rather stumbled upon...

About 45 mins later "Sepulchre of High Hopes" saw the light of the day
For those curios enough to want to know the logic (if any) behind this suspiciously depressing name...you may click on the "About" icon at the top of this page.
Always a sucker for writing (make that bad writing), Sepulchre was just about perfect for putting out random thoughts emanating from my moronic self conscious...and to it's credit it has endured me reasonably well. From inane self rants to humorless humor:D, from predictable, contrite fiction to terribly silly poetry it has endured all...yes, it did have a blissful month in between when I was sort of occupied elsewhere but I did come back to subject more torture to it...hell, it even wrote a letter to me admonishing me for wrongs among many other things.....check it out here

But yes, it's been a long journey mate...n a truly enjoyable one as well.
Soullie...it's been a privilege and an absolute pleasure...v have reached 50 mournings today...but yes, we have a long way to go hopefully...So keep up the counting mate:)

On this amazing journey of blissful crests and splattered troughs...have got to know some wonderful people and have made some great friends...a reminiscence post on Sepulchre would be completely incomplete without the mention of these beautiful souls...so here goes (in no set order),

Sachi...1st friend on blogger, full of fun, full of spunk...she is an amazing gal with an awesome attitude...plus hers was the blog which made me want to customize my template...she's on a break from blogging, all I can say is that v definitely miss the poignant posts.

Bhagirathy (D Rat)...quirky, funny and non-pretentious...this is one rat, not with a silver hand but with a golden heart:)
Always managing to bring a smile on my face her posts are a breath of fresh air.

Keshi...well, what do I say about Keshi that has not been said by anyone else...I remember once telling her that her writings made me feel that she peeked into all our hearts and then gave words to all that she found there...that belief has just been strengthened ever since...she has stopped blogging and to say that we miss her would be the understatement of the year!!!

Aayushi...my cute li'l sis who is actually very big when it comes to thoughts...everytime she writes she leaves me amazed...humor,sarcasm,romance,angst...what genre has she not touched...these days she's exploring the Gothic style of writing and doing wonderfully well too...love ya Aayu:)

Broca...one cool dude this is folks...writing mostly about his day to day happenings, he keeps it simple n beautiful.

Neha...D Sinner just like her moniker is beautiful and so are her writings...abstract on the surface but delve deeper and the crystal thought shines through.

Akshaya...lawyer dear is someone whose writings I've been following since the very beginning...the great thing about her writing is her ability to put her point across using simple analogies...thinking of asking her to save my back in case of future run ins with the law:D

Ria...sweet and caring, this is one person whose life makes me still believe that love can turn out right, always doing fun things on her blog she rocks!!!

Wian...hers was the second ever blog that I visited and to say that her writings molded the inception of Sepulchre would not be wrong...her posts, though lacking in frequency, are something which I wait for because they are straight from the heart.

Behind Brown Eyes...what do I say about her, to kill off the suspense.....hers was the picture on Orkut which I talked about at the start of this post...she is directly responsible for me torturing you poor souls with my inane writing all these months:D, her posts were wacky and funny yet erudite in a sense...she too seems to have given up on blogging but me shalt forever be indebted to her for introducing this enchanting world to moi.

Mayank...this is one dude who writes beautifully, dunno from where he brings such profound thoughts to his brain and then portrays them so wonderfully in his writings...he is truly aMAYZing:)

Solo...my "desi girl":D...this, folks is one great gal, always lambasting herself for her laziness and I agree with her coz she doesn't post as often as she should...but when she does, they are worth waiting for, if not for anything else then just for the quirkiness in each post:)

Vyzz...the way she plays with words to put her point across, the profoundness in her posts is something I dream of...greatest aspect of her writing is her usage of words to paint a vivid picture.

Ferrin...her writings are full of life and fun...yes, even her posts in a bleak time were full of life and hope...plus, I need to thank her for allowing me in her blog even though her pet "Clucky" remains in mortal danger from me:D

Beauty...another one who has given up on bloggy land but her stay here was nothing short of spectacular..."fiction queen", she used to weave poignant stories which enthralled us totally.

Also, heartfelt thanks go out to Neha[ Joidevivre], Gunj, Anindita, Asbah, Sameera, Trinaa, Aditi, Mea Culpa, Jane, Sneha, Arunima, Vinu, Nits, Charmed One, Moi, Harmonic Whisperer, Mahi, Aphrodite, Parul, G-man.
If I did miss out on anyone and am sure I did, all I can say is
"To err is human [moronic and demented I may be, human I am:D]
To forgive divine"

To celebrate the counter reaching 50 for Sepulchre, Rat was kind enough to gift me this beautiful blog souvenir...thnx a ton dear:)

To conclude, Sepulchre has been a wonderful addition to my life so much so that it truly has become a soul mate and you, beautiful people of this magical world have played an integral part in the process

P.S. "When I say I love you, it's not because I want you rather I love you for what you are and what you do and how you try. I love you for your strength, for your kindness and for your faith. I love you because I understand what you are...you, my dear, are a hell of a woman" ( somewhat inspired from what Spike once said to Buffy)
Happy Women's Day

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36 eulogies: on "50 and counting..."

Anonymous said...

Wow, and you didnt even miss my name


Your and my blog were born in the same month, but I lag behind you in your 50.

whatta way to start the post and your acknowledgments :)

heartily congratulations :)
keep writing!
hope to see your 550 and 5050 soon :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and wow I am the first one to comment *confetti* and More jumps :)

brocasarea said...

congrats and thk u for mentioning my name!:))...

u r one of those honest blogger i have come across...keep blogging!...

p.s-nice history there regarding ur blog nomenclature..:)

T-REX said...

Hi..I am the new guy around the block..congos for completing the 50 mournings...


mayz said...

hey congrats on d 50th post dude...its always a pleasure readin ya...hope to read many more posts from ya...

n thnx for d lovely words :)

Ferrin B said...

o god thank you sooooooooo much saim that is soooooooooooo nice of you!!! i am sooooooooo happy!!! and congo on the 50th post! i enjoy reading you.........

joiedevivre said...

thanku saim
u really write very well and some of your post are just too good
god bless you

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

Damn when I saw ur comment about a dedication I thot ur blog will burst with song (the one I cant name - Ghajini state of affairs).
But heres my consolation prize and I'm happy :D
I'm terrible at numbers so I never bother with the post number...but I like to believe I'm better at words and I really appreciate those written here. So kudos and keep writing..I tend to look forward to your posts, so dont get lazy. Hmm nd I'l defly save ur 'back' in court if I get the signing amt in advance ;D

Keshi said...

I came here in a hurry after I read ur comment :) Wut a touching post CN! u r such a great soul to be able to recognise the love in others.

**I remember once telling her that her writings made me feel that she peeked into all our hearts and then gave words to all that she found there

:) Im glad I cud reach out to u in that manner. That makes me happy...that makes me realise that my journey in Blogville was not in vain.

*HUGZ* keep the flame going CN!


The Rat... said...

Always managing to bring a smile on my face her posts

Today u brought a smile on my face, saim.. wat a way to start a monday morning... Thanks a ton, dear

awww.. and u accepted that badge.. :-D me all grinzz...

Happy 50th SH

Whats in a name.......... said...

awww!!!i am honoured!!!its very sweet of you.
btw,u saw my best friends blog first and then mine??hmmm!!!!
keep writing!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Saim...thanks so much for remembering me...
what an honour really it is! And I can't imagine you rem my writings so well.

hugs to u on that.

ur honest and a good pal from blogger.

cheers to our writings that have endeavoured to make us known across miles, no wonder there are songs that reach to a million people and make them cry, it's only words, right.


Anonymous said...

Congrats for half century :) I like it here.. will come more often.. following ya :)

comfortably numb said...

thnx yaar:)
gr8...so v will celeb our bloggy bday 2gether:D
n u r sure 2 reach 50 sooner than later:)

comfortably numb said...

I thnk I hv finally found d song wich u r talking abt...will mail it to ya soon.
I'll try nt 2 b lazy
btw...whts ur signing amt? will tht song do:D

comfortably numb said...

thnx a ton dear...learnt a lot 4m ur posts actually!!!
ur stay was far 4m vain, trust me
n am still hoping u cum bak wid a bang pretty soon:)
till den, moi will try n keep d flame glowing!!!

comfortably numb said...

thnx n u deserve d honor...u n ur best friend hv an imp role in Sepulchre's birth:)[she a bit more than u]
u keep writing too...dun slack, wanna c a lot more posts on "Bylanes..."

comfortably numb said...

thnx dear...u deserve d honor.
plus, ur writing is hard to 4get:)
*hugs returned*
cheers to our writing n yes, its only words yet its more than enuf really:)

Ria said...

tht was such an amazing post...and hey i hope u go on and on till eternity. :) And my heartfelt thanks to u for writing such sweet things abt me. :) Thanks a ton for being there. and abt Keshi....yeah i miss her too!! :(

Cяystal said...

Wooo..someone turned a pretty graveyard into a bash of colors.. template looks delectable!..all colorful!..fits the holi mood for me ;)
And before I start with my actual reply to the post, lemme tell you that you're the beeeestest net bhai I'll ever get and m veeery sorry to have not commented earlier!..saw your message in my shoutbox but no one's blog opened!..sowwwie!
then..badhhaaiyaan ji badhaaiyan! =)..may the circke keep on growing and agli baar there are sooooooo many people that it becomes tough to list them! :)..
It feels so nice to know more than half of the people who you listed as your "beautiful souls"..and m mooost privileged to be one of them..ain't I?..and I miss Keshi more than anyone..it was sooooooooo bad to see her disappeared when I returned..worst shock for me on Blogosphere! :(..Kesh..if you read this..DO come back!..
Thanks again!..

Belated Happy Holi! :D

comfortably numb said...

thnx dear...tempy looks nice na:)
u d bestest sis too:)
no issues abt d late comment..chillax:)

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