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Friday, March 27, 2009

Unravelling Love-strickness

A drop of love is what everyone lusts for

An ocean of grief is what they get
A badder bargain there never will be
And yet everyone falls for it
Are people so stupid that they cannot comprehend this uneven barter of emotions?

No...everyone knows it and yet falls in the pit...only because that ocean surges forward towards you with a moment of bliss leading the charge...the lure of that single whiff of a moment is too much to resist for the human heart and it embraces that moment knowing there is an abyss just beyond it but what the heck?
And as Dostoevsky famously said "a moment of bliss is enough for a lifetime" ...we live and exhibit his saying every living second.

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20 eulogies: on "Unravelling Love-strickness"

Phoenix said...

A drop of love is what everyone lusts for<<

very well said,,, it is all that the heart wants.. a drop of love.. sigh!!

great template.. isn't it a lil too bright?hurts my eye at least.. anyway im ok with what you think best.. :)

i didnt know you are from kolkata as well?! :)
*same pinch*

Phoenix said...

yay i commented first!!!! :) :P

i came first! i came first!


comfortably numb said...

thnx...I know u understand it.
bright...just wanna put a whole dash of colors, thts how life shud be.
same pinch...abso"bloody"lutely:D

comfortably numb said...

ohh n I can understand ur xcitement about being the 1st here:)
now stop jumping around...u might break things:D

Chronicwriter said...

bro.. someone ditched you.. need a beer? cheers


or shouuld i sing shazhal for ya?

Vinz aka Vinu said...

very true..
the power of small things..
a drop of love can anytime succeed an ocean of grief..

nicely written dude..

mayz said...

ah very well put dude...loved d analogy...yes dat drop indeed lasts a lifetime...n it also cushions our fall in d pit

Anonymous said...

one drop of love.. one single moment.. and then the pain.. everything related to this particular feeling lasts a lifetime.. true! i agree... totally!!

Aks Kay said...

Hmm it takes time to realise that and once you do, its still very hard. But yeah that whiff can keep you going. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

so true. just that moment. for those who live in that moment..know what real happiness is :)

hugs to u


Anonymous said...


we strife to get one drop of joy in the boundless ocean of tears!
We seek one grain of smile in the colossal harvest of pain!
We yearns for a shimmer of love in the strands of darkness.

we're unbelieveable people/
we still carry hope :)

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