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Saturday, May 17, 2008

love, thy name is hilarity

“Love is a 4-letter word, it means nothing” is one of my more sarcasm laden retorts to "madly in love" souls n the "happily ever after" believers of this world. To be very honest, I am guilty of hypocrisy while uttering this but it just seems an oh-so-purrfect reply to the 21st century guys n gals who invariably believe in the bollywood inspired mumbo jumbo of “sacred bond” n “love begets sacrifice”.

A far more interesting and hilarious side topic of love today are “love–fights”. Bollywood songs have since decades engrained the concept of “roothna-mananaa” in our psyche. Unsurprisingly, all of us know the usual tricks of “mananaa” generally starting from a bouquet of artificial roses/a pack of “Celebrations” to accessories(preferably jewellery)/movie n dinner together. A sincere apology on the part of the guilty party may work (but it’s quite a rarity).

However, am much more interested in the “roothna” part of things coz its actually filled with a lot of ingenuity and make for some seriously rib tickling stuff. Bear in mind, of course, that I am not talking about the “why ddnt u pick up my call” or “you’re not taking out time for me these days” or “you seem to be very interested in the new boy/girl in college/workplace” type of bland and tasteless reasons. Rather, much more trivial n hilarious (the more the triviality, the better hilarity it causes) reasons are getting invented each passing day.

Below, I share some of the top of the chart reasons that I have had the fortune to come across…

N.B:- All of these are very much actual incidents and are in no way a figment of my sometimes quite vivid imagination...(tongue– in-cheek)

### A boy(very close friend of mine, mind you), fought with his (then present,now erstwhile) girlfriend on the phone coz she picked up his call on the fourth ring as opposed to the pre-determined limit of 2/3 rings... *beat that*

### A girl(an acquaintance/distant friend) fought with her still going strong boyfriend coz the poor soul forgot to buy chloromint for her... *silliness personified*

### A girl fought with her boyfriend for lingering slightly more than a desired time period (in her eyes) in the company of his male friends... *huh*

Aah…the trials n tribulations of modern day love birds… *avoid*

I would be very happy if someone takes the effort to share some more such hilarious reasons for a love fight...!!!

P.S...The incidents cited have purely been chosen depending on the degree of hilarity they exhibit and the 2:1 ratio of gals:boys in no way insinuates that womenkind find more silly reasons to fight...*peace*

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2 eulogies: on "love, thy name is hilarity"

Anonymous said...

A frnd of mine had a fight wid her bf coz he studied 2 much!!!
nice post n d first reason is the funniest

comfortably numb said...

yes it is
n btw...overstudies causing a fight is funny,but not funny funny..hope u get what i mean

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