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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dreams Enshrined, Hopes Entombed

Ladies and gentleman and everybody else (just trying to be politically correct here, or is it sexually correct), well…whatever it is, I think I am deviating from the task I set out to do….so bak 2 d point I come…this is my first post in this brand new blog of mine which has been named by yours truly as
sepulchre of high hopes
and so in keeping with the mood of the nomenclature, this post talks of how we, humans, nourish and cherish lofty hopes of realizing long thought of dreams but rarely water them with the work and thoughts which are the basic ingredients of the rarity – “dream come true”.

This ultimately leads to the death of these sweet nothings ( read :- dreams and hopes) and their existence gets secluded to the narrow confines of the memories of the souls which once beared them….some of us push these to the very corners of our existing memories (as hard as any1 convinces u that he/she has forgotten, they do remain) while others enshrine them in tombs of the heart effectively forming a sort of an analogical burial ground, a “sepulchre of high hopes”.

Man proposes…god disposes” is an age old adage which aptly describes the burial of everything we pined for but could not achieve. To be very fair, the entity named *destiny* does work tirelessly across lives in this abode of ours, however, equally (if not more) true is the fact that v, humans, are quite adept at blaming our inept effort towards realizing our own dreams on the poor, tireless soul that we have come to know as destiny. This, of course, is due to the fact that this poor seamless entity cannot defend itself in the human context of justice and thus is an easy prey which we are quite happy to target.

Now, I think most (i.e. if any one reads this) of you who are reading this would by now be getting a strong stench of “preachiness”, so let me just assure you my dears, this is actually a self-preaching piece and it’s just your sheer sense of bad luck which made you come across this post and more so gave you the patience to continue reading till this word, (now I’m sure you’re very motivated to click the close button @ the top right of your screen and trust me, if u do so, you would be doing yourselves a huge favor )….however, if you are hell bent on getting bored to the point of death( I say point, coz haven’t yet come across any news item stating the cause of death to be suicide due to boredom)….lemme continue on what I was supposed to be writing about.

There’s not much more I have to say (that’s coz I can only take a certain amount of self-procrastination) except that trust me every1….a tomb of hopes and dreams is actually quite a grotesque piece of structure which remains juxtaposed against the human conscience for time immemorial (read…your lifetime)…..so dears, please avoid…..coz as wise men/women (am not sure about the gender here) have said….”better safe than sorry”.

Now, the only ways we can avoid this catacomb of misery is by doing one of two things……either stop dreaming and uncross your fingers to eradicate hope from your lives or nourish your priceless dreams with the nutrients of your work and thoughts. Now, however little my knowledge may be, it still is sufficient enough to know that dreaming and hoping are involuntary actions of the human brain, so that eliminates the first option comprehensively……so behold…..there isn’t any other option than to fall back on the second option……so, happy (working towards your dreams), dears…njoy!!!

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