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Friday, June 05, 2009


Seene mein dafan hai kuch khwaab
Ehsaason ke aanchal tale jo pale the
Par khwahish khilne ki na rang laayi kabhi,
Un khwaabon ka aaj janaza hai saja
Lo isko badhkle utha lo yaaron,
Chaar kaandhon ki hasrat hi reh gayi hai
Ho sake to ye aakhri armaan poora kar do,
Ret mein shaamil hone se pehle
Ehsaas taabeer ki karwa do yaaron

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12 eulogies: on "Sepulchre"

Anonymous said...

I demand a translation! Just when I think I almost understood I get another of those words that I donno :(

Diya said...

Hey, u`ve been away for long re... whass up?
Pata hai, I used to be great fan of shayaries long back during my school days, but well... something made me leave them once, and for all. But it is after a long time I read one once again, and it made me a bit nostalgic too!
It was wonderful re, i loved it again as this me used to love them sometime...
Hope to see you return again! But I wont be here for ur next post or for some time, see you around on return... will be missing your handfuls... nevertheless take care, bye.

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