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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

She lives...I die

The despairing truth about being lonely is that it makes you recount the worst portions of your life. Away from the discordant noises of life on a whole, one gets sucked into recalling and reliving those moments...I am feeling very lonely now, so you can very well guess what I am reliving... 

She was an angel...an innocent and pure soul untouched by the darkness and malaise of life, the very epitome of goodness, the monument of love itself. I did not help fall in love with her but surprisingly (and wrongly) she could not help but fall in love with me. What she saw in me, I will never know.....What she gave me I can never express. She changed life...happiness no more felt an alien being, love was no longer some abstract shit. The days were resplendent with the existence of her feelings...the nights with the soothness of her being. An angel who nurtured my soul and laid waste her dreams to wish me bliss.....yes, she had dreams in her eyes, dreams which she cared for, dreams which she lived for...Dreams which I shattered.

Did I tell you she was an angel...I suppose I did.
What I didn't tell you is that I was the Devil Incarnate himself.

She gave up her dreams to bring life to mine...I used my life to mutilate her dreams. The warmness of her eyes I mistook for the gleam of ambition...the blush of her cheeks I assumed were the red of fakeness...the love I thought to be the mirage of her cold heart.
And so I hurt her...I humiliated her being and broke her confidence...insulted her love, termed her feelings a charade. I battered her trust in goodness and sucked out the emotions from her soul. I killed her dreams and left her crippled.

I was wrong...I was mistaken...I was a fool...I was so much more...Every shred of the fabric of happiness that we could have had was in tatters...there was nothing left to pick up...the pieces were not broken...they were rendered to dust...they slipped out of my hands...it was too late to mend "US"...there remained no such thing.....but a guilty soul needs some repentance...I needed penance...which could only be had by weaving back those dreams for her...every step that she would take towards her dreams would be one moment of penance for me...and there was only one way.

I went back to her life...not to ask for forgiveness for it was beyond me to ask, not to love her back for I had left nothing in her, not to hold her hand and lead her to her dreams for she would shun my very breath...but I went back to hurt her more, to mock her dreams further, to kill her strength better.

I placed as many obstacles in her path as I could, not because I wanted her to stumble and fall into the abyss of failure but because I knew that she would be spurred on further to cross those obstacles...I hated her because my hate made her stronger...I belittled her because it gave her confidence...I doubted her efforts as it made her endeavor more...I demeaned her achievements because it galvanized her to achieve more...I blemished her aspirations because it made her aspire for more, dream a new dream, live a new life...as she does now...SHE LIVES BECAUSE SHE HATES ME.

This is how I now live my life or whatever is left of it...because for every obstacle that I place in her path, for every time that insult her on her face, for every time that I disparage her, for every time that I denigrate her achievements, for every time that I scorn at her efforts and for every time that I derogate her being...I kill a part of me.....part by part, day by day, piece by piece...I mutilate my being...Shred by shred, fragment by fragment, scrap by scrap I murder my soul.

And yet in this destruction of self, I find bliss...in this mutilation I find solace...in this killing I find atonement...in this death I find life for I DIE BECAUSE I LOVE HER.

P.S :- Another post which was originally posted @ The Writer's Lounge, gets posted here partly because me thinks it deserves a few more readers:D

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30 eulogies: on "She lives...I die"

Keshi said...

**And yet in this destruction of self, I find bliss...in this mutilation I find solace...in this killing I find atonement...in this death I find life for I DIE BECAUSE I LOVE HER.


WOW CN u write so beautifully! I admire ur writing skills. Totally!


Phoenix said...

really loved the way you handled the post.. the choice of words etc.. its rang a bell with me.. and it touched a part of me that can hardly explain...

Anonymous said...

i so remember i cried reading this one.. wont dare to read it again..

priyanka said...

This is absolutely amazing.. I just love it..was almost in tears by the time i reached the end..

I m becoming a fan !!

Ria said...

tht was so amazing....i wonder hw some ppl can write so well.i dont hav those skills. :(

Diya said...

"We don't realize the value of things when we have them at ease", but "Pain Makes the striving worthwhile"... Itz not right to muddle with emotions, But keep these memories to cherish forever, they will save you from being lonely when you are lonely. :)

Keshi said...

aww tnxx for reading it!

Im not sure if it's his loss or not, cos who knows, he may hv one of the best girls as his fiance :)


comfortably numb said...

thnx dear:)
chill...the way u write about everyday life, I dun possess that skill at all. plus, try something like this, maybe u do have this skill too:)

comfortably numb said...

they may take away the loneliness but they gift despair instead, don't they?

Diya said...

Do they? Gradually day by day you`ll get used to this loneliness of yours, and what will remain are these memories, and they wont be bitter then, but some sweet cherished reminisces. :)

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