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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clickety Click

A combination of being a bit busy and a lot lazy coupled with a sort of a writer's block has seen me neglecting this space the past week...add that with the fact that I have hardly read a couple of posts from my blogroll in the past week and you would get a complete picture of the sort of detachment I have been experiencing...but they say "Old habits die hard" and so here I am, back again.

Albeit this post is only a pictorial view of the 2 day trip which I took last weekend but then it's a post, ain't it and that I suppose is good enough for now:D

Will try n visit all you fellas spaces.
Till the next time...So long

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12 eulogies: on "Clickety Click"

Arun Kumar said...

Enjoy dude.... always good to have a nice road trip with frens...
u didnt mention the name of the place...

Anonymous said...

pictures speak they say .. here they did :) welcome back to blogs !

comfortably numb said...

thnx mate...it was pure fun n the place was Gaadiara, about 200kms away from Kolkata

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