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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The magic shall always be

Today was the last time The Famous Five painted the town red probably for a long time...day after tomorrow we split officially with one member leaving for Delhi and another leaving for Chennai the next day. Time will surely bring us together again or it may choose not to but even time cannot deny that it's been one amazing journey...a journey which lasted for five glorious years and which was filled with fun, frolic and and a lot of joy, with a dash of trivial fights and heated arguments.

It's been a ride at breakneck speed...where did the five bloody years rush by no one knows but it left memories and moments, fragments and pieces of time well spent.
As I hammer the keyboard now, I reminisce all of them.....the mind weaves a picture, one which is filled with color and music, I remember...

the classes we attended
the ones we bunked
and the ones which we attended just physically
the food we ate
the drinks we shared
the lighthearted banter
the mind numbing jokes:D
the seriously heinous sort of pranks
the movies we watched
the songs we sang
the games we played
the bets we placed
the birds we watched:P
the dogs we were:D
the studies we did
and the studies which we didn't
the exams that we gave
and the ones which we didn't:D
the fiery discussions
the bus rides
the laughter, the smiles and the tears
the outings, the rides and the cheers
the days of lazy dozing
the nights which kept us awake
I remember all of them
and so do you, am sure

Of course, the fellowship will continue.....what with voice chats on Skype, comments and re comments on status messages, with phone calls and smses, with the mind harking back to the good old days and the songs once again getting hummed:) May the season continue, let the magic always be!!!

P.S. Wishes and prayers for all of us to achieve what we must, what we want and what we deserve:)

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32 eulogies: on "The magic shall always be"

RAHUL said...

"I dont remember who were those Birds"

Jokes apart....

I m speechless...

Will miss u n all a lot....

Mrinal said...

As always saim has once again given his poetic touch to our emotions.well done..!!
The time spent we spent together are moments to cherish..
"Yeh saath guzzaare hue lamhaat ki daulat
jazbaat ki daulat,ye khyaalaat ki daulat
kuch paas na ho, paas yeh saugat to hogi
Beete hue Lamhon ki kasak saath to hogi.."

d gypsy! said...

:) u expressed the feelings in one go and amazingly too well

reminds me of the KK song...yaaron...


Ria said...

wow!!tht was a wonderful collage!!and equally amazing post buddy!!where r u these days?dont c u around.

Arun Kumar said...

College life is amazing for all the things u've mentioned...
n it has a hauntingly sad end...

superb poem bro.... any guy enjoyin his college life can relate to it... loved it...

Keshi said...

Every GOOD thing often comes to an END. Let the memories take u thru what's in store for u in life.



Mahi said...

Awww, I totally understand! Campus life is the best phase of one's life isn't it? Glad to know that you've enjoyed it SO much! I can see that from the collage and the poem! You're lucky:)

Beauty and the BEast said...

sigh!! its been some time since I left my graduation years behind.. I would trade it any day to one of my working days :P

But all the best to all of you!! And may you get many moments to get together and recapture and recreate what you have already shared!

priyanka said...

i remember these classes almost too well...

"and the ones which we attended just physically"


its so great to just think about those times...even more when every once in a while when u get nostalgic !!

subhasis said...

full marks in precis writing vai...kavi koi student paya nahi hai...10000000 times short kiya hai tum...
are mere kalidas!!!tum yeh sab engg jayesa ***** line pe kyun aaya bolto???!!!just to meet us??!!!
anyway vai...too good!!...carry on....

comfortably numb said...

"Phoolon ki tarah dil mein basaye hue rakhna
Yaadon ke charaaghon ko jalaaye hue rakhna
Lamba hai safar is mein kahin raat to hogi
Khwabon mein hi ho chahe mulaqat to hogi"

All for one,one for all :)

comfortably numb said...

thnx buddy:)
I know, those words were all of us, not just for we 5, sach mein!!!

comfortably numb said...

all gud things come to an end, and the end of one is the start of another!!!
thnx dear:)

comfortably numb said...

those classes were the most in number:P
these lines are for all of us, seriously...whole of Cse04

comfortably numb said...

naseeb mein tum log ka sohbati tha, isliye came into this field:D
of course have shortened it, nhi to this post would have been pages n pages n u wud not have had the patience to go thru it:P

Vyzz said...

wow...u surely did have fun...and u know its all this we have really to take from life..nothign more nothing less...and money can't measure any of this!

cheers for your togetherness



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