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Friday, June 19, 2009

So Spake Saim-II

"Art is unknowingly more scientific than science itself"

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7 eulogies: on "So Spake Saim-II"

Piyush said...

why?? i mean, i am okay with it. after all everyone is entitled to their own opinions. but i don't see it that way. and if you have a reason for saying this, share it with me. maybe you have some valid reasons which i will like to appreciate.

AYAN said...

At the highest form, art and science are the same thing... Think about Leonardo Da Vinci.... Was he an artist? .... sure he was... Was he a scientist?? Yes... he envisioned the helicopter long before it came into existence... I believe this kind of attainment in craft, is the highest form of creative manifestation for both an artist as well as a scientist.

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