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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's V-DAY out here today in Kolkata...not Valentine's Day u mushy dumbos:D, it's voting day...the last phase of the biggest democratic exercise world over takes place today and am all set to exercise my franchise...Nopes, it's not the "Jaagore" effect, I was very much awake before they came up knocking to wake up offering tea...I refused, had they been offering Cappuccino, maybe I would have been tempted to attribute my awakening to their campaign:D

This time round it's being made out to be a big fight out here in Bengal...a fight among equals they are saying i.e. the results are not a foregone conclusion this time round. The land row in Singur and Nandigram along with Rizwanur Rehman case coupled with the Sachar committe report have worked to make the opposition's case strong...add the Gorkhaland issue along with anti-incumbency and you get the picture...plus, it's a unified front being presented out here this time against Left's "misrule":D

Kolkata will definitely smash Mumbai and Delhi and all the other cities in voting percentages...well, if not the IPL...atleast this...Go for it citimates:D

Even the weather Gods seem to want it that way...there has been a dramatic shift in weather conditions too, gone are the days of 42 degree Celsius temperatures and 96% humidity levels, it's pleasantly pleasant out here, has been raining for the past two days with an awesome breeze to keep the rains company...No rains today but the breeze isvery much there.....so, look for a heavy polling day out here.

So in about an hour I'll be out there to punch in a button and get that ink mark on the middle finger:D...that much is certain.
However, what isn't certain is whom to vote for...I guess it's all about choosing the lesser of two evils out here...yes, yes I have made up my mind but am not happpy with the choice, but you see the point is I don't have that many options, in fact I don't have any option apart from the choice I have made...no way on earth am I voting for that illogical *joke in the name of a leader*'s party...The Election Commission had proposed putting in a button which said "None of the above" but all the parties unanimously shot the proposal down, hardly a surprise...I could bet heavily that if that proposal went through "None of the above" would have the simple majority in the country with a comfortable margin:D

Neways, I think it's time I got the ink on the finger...the polling booth is just down the road...will finish in a jiffy provided there are no serpentine queues...So, off I go folks to take part in my democratic right...all you people out there who have polling today, do make sure you vote..."Jaagore" or no Jaagore...it is an absolute necessity...there is always hope, do rekindle the flame!!!

Tatazz.....C ya soon

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12 eulogies: on "V-day:)"

Anonymous said...

:D I voted !! today!! :D please check the sidebar at my blog for a sweet little proof.. :D

Passion to make a Difference..!! said...

"it's all about choosing the lesser of two evils out here" ---- sure it is.. there are no deserving candidates over here..

The Rat... said...

ha haha.. i had my finger inked too today...

and lets not talk abt KKR... Pathetic, just pathetic...


Ferrin B said...

hey saim. i've changed my blog url. visit me here now ok? hope you're doing good.

take care, ferry

ps. i did no voting *shamefaced* :(

Phoenix said...

damn! i voted too and i got a huge boil on my finger where they put that ink... uf its too painful! :(

Bindhu Unny said...

Your prediction "Kolkata will definitely smash Mumbai and Delhi" has come true. Three cheers to Bengalis though the choice was like 'no choice'.

Arun Kumar said...

nice post man...i think kolkata (bengal) smashed everyones expectations in this elections...in every way...

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