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Friday, May 15, 2009

Of awards and poetry

I have been awarded...not once, not twice but abso-brilliant-lutely three wonderful times...all in one single go:)
By whom....u ask?
As if you don't know...the pink orchid blooms across the length and breadth of blogsville and her petals adorn most corners:)
If you still haven't got it...the wondrest of wonderful souls who has bestowed this tremendous honor on moi is Kajal aka The Pink Orchid:)

A word on Kajal...to be very frank, I do not have anything new to say, whatever had to be said, whatever should have been said has already been said much more eloquently in the Guest Post Series on her blog...I do not think I have sufficient words to say in her honor...it has been one helluva journey for her during which she has touched innumerable souls in many ways through her words and feelings...be it her posts on her blogs or her comments or just a random chat, the persona shines through...caring and charming, yet headstrong and confident. One amazing friend who encourages and motivates and inspires...Princess of Poetry who writes pretty neat fiction too (esp 55 fiction), the pink orchid blooms and how:)

Thank you a zillion tons Kajal...this is just an awesome surprise and awards are so amazing, the phrase "the more the merrier" was probably said with awards being foremost on the mind:D

The first one is "Life (Blog) Supporting System" Award :-

The second one is "The Blogger Dude" Award :-

He he...the dude within is jumping around now with collars upturned:D

The third one is "Lord of Poetry" Award :-

This one is the closest to heart...coz there was a time in the not so very far past when yours truly could hardly fathom how poetry could be written...I could not possibly make head or tails as to how words could be woven in such a format, the less talked about rhyming poetry the better...but curiosity got the better as always and I did give it a try albeit under a lot of apprehension...one line led to another and voila, I had my first poetry done (it hardly mattered that the content was pathetic, what made me overjoyed that the format did not seem so alien anymore)...a few more attempts and even the rhyming lines started coming *gleeful jump*

I am still pretty much a novice in terms of poetry so the title "Lord of Poetry" hardly sits comfortably on Comfortably Numb's head but I take the award nonetheless:D ( its just a bit early in coming but that's ok )

I'd like to quote Kajal here to put across this point and encourage all those who may still be in awe of poetry and who, like I could not earlier, are unable to make head or tails of this amazing format of writing...

Lafzon ki yeh be-imaani to dekhiye
Lab hile nahin, par shayari ho gayi

I am terribly sorry but am guilty of not visiting all you folks wonderful spaces...pardon me on account of my voracious viewing of IPL...I know that the loss has indeed been mine as I have most certainly missed some great write-ups...trust me, I'll try and correct the mistake as soon as I can...till then so long guyz.
C ya...Peace:)

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10 eulogies: on "Of awards and poetry"

Anonymous said...

mere lafzo ko apne post me saja kar aapne mujhe bahut izzat bakshi hai.. :)

thank youuuuuuuuuu so much for accepting the awards.. and you had me flying high.. high in the sky really.. thank you once again.. kitna kuchh likh diya.. and about your poetry - Lord of poetry is given by me to poets whose poems has somehow made a space in my heart and I dont have to tell you what your poems do to me.. it is after reading you i wrote -

lafzon ki yeh be-imaani to dekhiye
lab hile nahin, par shayari ho gayi.

big hug! saim, i am so glad I have you as my friend.. :)

Vyzz said...

arey wah...now ur the dude huh..hahha

damn good.i guess its all well-deserved!



Anonymous said...

yesterday night i was browsing through my google reader to catch up on the unread post.. and i cam across this post again... i have never seen any award acceptance post like this one.. i read this one some 5 times over and over again..and i was grinning wide..just shows that you have a pure heart and genuine emotions... i am so very happy saim that i know someone like you...bahut kuchh likh diya tune saim..sach mein..jitna padho yakeen nahi aata ki mere liye hai..gosh!!

Anonymous said...

i could have just read it yday and left coz i have already commented...but i really wanted you to know that i really really reallly appreciate this gesture saim.. i really do..

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

i have already commented here thrice.. and i am here after like some three months.. oh my god! i am having goosebumps right now reading this post.. you make me miss 'the pink orchid' sooooooooooo much!!
thank you for this post Saim.. mera ab bhi jee nahi bhara is post se..

aayine mein ek dhoondhla sa aks,
aaj mujhse poochh baitha,
aisa bhi kya,
jo aap mujhe pehchaante hi nahi.

apni hi tasveer par,
jab dhool padi dekhi,
to apna wajood,
bemaani sa laga...

naye naye se hain hum aaj,
fir bhi un raasto par aaj bhi,
kadamo ke nishaan nazar aa jaate hain,
aaj bhi kahin khushbu hai kal ki...

kal ki neeev par maine aaj ko rakha hai,
farak bas itna hai,
ki neeev nazar nahi aati,
bas aaj khil raha hai nazaro mein...


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