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Monday, May 25, 2009


What's with this weather mirroring my inner self...is this a way by Allah to tell me am not alone in this despair...is the whole city masked in a gloomy sky to make me not feel unwanted...does the storm rage out there to make me feel less despaired...are the trees crouching about to tell me am not the only one afraid...if that is so, I thank you Lord for this generosity but to tell you frankly, even all this is not working.

The senses are still dead...numb is still what I am.
I still cannot feel the drops of rain on my face
The strong billowing wind still does not sting the eyes
I still don't know why this is so
I still don't know why I am "Comfortably Numb"
Am not comfortable though...and yet I do not mind this
There is a certain magnetism in this state...it is appealing and alluring
It pulls me ever so close to it...and I can not help but get drawn to it
I wonder whether this is a choice I unwittingly made
I wonder whether I sort of like this
Tough questions all of these...no answers to them
None that I know of at least

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Anonymous said...


beautiful poetry..

but the 'saim' behind that 'comfortably numb' made me worry with this post..

you know where to reach me... I am dying to make you smile Saim..

to be precise..

aapki udaasi bardaasht nahi hai!

mixedblessings89 said...

Hey- are you alright? Just saw the most horrifying pics on TV of the cyclone... it's supposed to be 59 kms away from Kolkata.... just keep us informed, please.

Phoenix said...


i wrote along the same lines... the weather does reflect my mind too... :)

i can so relate to what you wrote ...


come on now.. cheer up :)

Mayz said...

weather is d saviour n d spoil sport...bloody funny thing...

dark clouds r not always good...rain not always soothin i guess...

vy well written dude

Arun Kumar said...

very painful words bro....
nice poem..but i loved more, the prose before the poem...

Ria said...

i hope this is not something tht u r experiencing...very deep and profound.take care.

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