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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Gave me life
Brought me in this world
Held my hand
Taught me to walk
Wiping the tears
You have taught me to smile
When the world was dark
You were my light
By your side
I faced my fears
In your lap
Fell my tears
You are the strength
When I am down
Yours is the hope
Which is all abound

Dedicated to the best mother in the world
Have I told you lately, that I love you Ammi:)

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10 eulogies: on "Ammi..."

Phoenix said...

aww beautiful

to every child no matter how old he/she is his/her mother is the best...

i think i really have to write a post on mothers day!! thank you... because your post made me want to finally do whats on my mind :)

Anonymous said...

@Chriz: awweee... that was so so touching.. :)

@Saim: read it at WL..fir bhi jee nahi padha.. ek baar aur padhne ke liye yahaan aa gayi.. bahut sundar likha hai..

Ria said...

tht was simply amazing!!i m sure ur mom mus b proud to hav a son like u. :)

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