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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There Will Be Blood...

A glass of red wine in his hand and a cigarette between his lips, he was lost in a reverie...of moments spent together under the night sky...of waking up and watching the red of the new dawn in embrace...of bare foot walks on unnamed beaches hand in hand...of the incessant whispering of those inane sweet nothings...of the crimson red of the blush which formed on her cheeks when he praised her beauty...of that dazzling red gown which he had gifted her on their first anniversary...of that breathtaking sight which she was in that gown...of that first night together in the throes of passion...of those countless bunch of red roses which he always brought for her...of the red of the blood which oozed from her hand when she pricked a thorn...of those promises made of togetherness forever...of protecting the flame in face of thunder...of keeping the flame of love alive forever.

And he saw her today with someone else...sharing a drink with someone else...laughing at someone else's stupid jokes...matching steps with someone else...embracing an alien body...whispering sweet nothings to someone else...blushing red at someone else's words of praise...the promise was broken...the flame of love wisped off...forever was made to be a lie...a lie which despaired him from within...which engulfed from all sides...a lie which broke his very reasons of life...which made every other truth bland and barren...a lie which numbed his senses...which pierced the heart...a lie which he could not take...which needed redressal...a lie which needed a penalty.

He had called her to their farmhouse...asking her to wear that red gown...she had asked him why this sudden urge to be at the farmhouse in the middle of the week...he had promised her a surprise...and surprise her he would.

He saw her from the terrace as she came out of the car...as breathtakingly beautiful as ever...with a slight smudge of blush on her cheeks wearing the red gown, Red...the color of eternal love..of happiness and joy...of bliss and togetherness.

She had a quizzical look on her face wondering what the surprise was...he did not move to kill the suspense...instead he led her to the dining table for a dinner lit by the yellow and red flame of a candle...his face was an impressionless mask as he studied the fakeness of her smile, of her words, of her promises...she could not see but his face was turning red, Red...the color of anger, of jealousy, of rage.

They were dancing together...arm in arm like old times...nothing had seemingly changed for her..nothing was actually the same for him...as they continued to match steps he remembered an old song

I've never seen you
Looking so lovely as you did tonight
I have never seen you
Shine so bright
I will never forget
The way you look tonight
The lady in red
My lady in red

They were soon lost in the throes of passion...in the heat of the moment...in the fervor of craving...an intense togetherness called out to them...shreds of layering prohibiting the union were discarded along with the red gown, Red...the color of passion, of pleasure, of lust.

"I love you...have always loved you...will love you to eternity...yet you have betrayed me, you have broken the promises, you have proved forever to be a lie and you will have to pay for it...in eternity shall we meet again and maybe then you can forgive me for what I do to you now"

In a fluid movement he put his hand under the pillow, the silver of the steel gleamed in the darkened night and then without batting an eyelid, in one swishing movement which reverberated into eternity he slit her throat...red liquid spurted out as if a new fountain had just sprouted out there, showering his face in red...there would be no intense togetherness, no union of souls...the lie had been answered, the betrayal redressed.

There was a look of surprise still etched on her face...and yet there also was a look of recognition...that this was the end...Her body was again covered in red...a hue of deep crimson red clothed her body...she still remained his Lady in Red, Red...the color of revenge, of blood, of Death!!!

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14 eulogies: on "There Will Be Blood..."

Arun Kumar said...

read it before...loved it...
read it again ...love it more....
love the way u've used red for various emotions..

Chronicwriter said...

wow... loved this one.. red the color of anger..

lady in red is still one of my all time fav love songs

and my underwear is red


Passion to make a Difference..!! said...

well, has 2 be the best piece by u, as said by u and also by me.. the way u unfurled the story, rather the various facets of RED, kudos 2 u for that.. i really liked this post.. a job well done.. cheers..

Illeen said...

What a post..kept me engrossed through out.The different 'shades of red' have been beautifully drawn.
One song that played on my mind while reading..I saw red by Warrant.

Anonymous said...

why did I know that chriz will talk of his red underwear the moment i saw his name in the comments section.. :P

about the post.. this post had me a fan of your writing style ..where are you.. aaj lounge pe dikhe hi nahi.. :( missed ya..

comfortably numb said...

well, personally I think it is among the best but "The Best" title goes to sum other post:)

Anonymous said...

Its funny when people start making interpretations of their own and in a way or two, the 'purpose' why the writer wrote it in the first place gets "lost" ?
The other point of view however is that it gets more lucid because everyone else around you is able to grasp it now- not only those who are of same intelligence as you... You post does give me a feel of that lucidity. Keep it up !

Cяystal said...

If there was an option of being a crazy fan of a post on someone's blog, I'd be the first to be a fan of this. I <3 dark stuff, but this blew me off..and the way you wrote "Red, the color of ....."..after every 2-3 paras was like awesome. Neat presentation, awesome write up!

Hats off,bhai!

PS- Red is also the color of danger..and m sure phenomenal writers have serious danger from you!

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