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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Eid Ki Deed

Had thought of doing a full blown post on Eid-ul-Fitr last night but thanks to my ISP (insert appropriate names) , could not connect to the virtual world. And now the irony of fate is such that I am connected, have a keyboard in front of me and a blank page in front of my eyes with a lot of thoughts in my mind regarding today's occassion but alas, don't have enought time to pen all my thoughts down right now...but sum1 wise has also said ( and long gone:D) that it's not the words that make a greeting, rather the emotion behind it...so I think that even a simple "EID MUBARAK" would suffice in bringing forth the feelings and emotions behind the greeting...there are no use of heavy duty, power words to convey a simple emotion of love and glad tidings.

"When my arms can't reach people close to my heart, I alwayz hug them with my prayers. May Allah's peace be with you...a very happy n joyous Eid mubarak to you." ....This goes out to all my blogger friends...may the day bequeth you with unlimited joy and peace.

P.S. Hold out a moment of your thought for all the unfortunate souls who became prey to mindless acts of senseless people...also to those souls and to their families and friends who have been "picked up" by the police without any proof just to save their own skin.

P.P.S. Also, for a moment remember Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi...it happens to be his birthday today...the man may have had faults but no one can dispute the fact that he had a big role to play for us to be where we are today...it is sad really that we hardly spare a thought for someone whom we see countless times everyday.

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38 eulogies: on "Eid Ki Deed"

solo said...

oh i also want to know where i can download your blog song from... i absolutely LOVE it!!

have been meaning to ask you for a long time now... but somehow i always forget!

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

Wish you the same...good song..and yes if only we did remember dear old Gandhi, we would not be in the middle of this crisis.

Ria said...

Hey Eid Maubarak to u and ur family! I m sure u had a blast. And lemme know wht all delicacies did u have. :P

comfortably numb said...

greetings to u too
nice song it definitely is
am not sure abt that though...even remembering him wud probably not hv saved us from what v face today

comfortably numb said...

thnx dear
greetings to u n ur family too
yep v had fun...had biryani n all d usual eid dishes:)

solo said...

my mail id be distorted.addict@gmail.com

it will b lovely if you do mail me the song!!

Beauty and the BEast said...

yay!! me done with my good deed for the day... spared some time, thought and action to goodness I believed in!

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