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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

*Celeb Me*

Inspired by Keshi n Ria's new found celebrity statuses:D
I hereby unleash on Blogville the latest entrant to the xclusive club:D

Presenting the one, the only..... Saim:)

Multi colored vision:)

*Starry eyes*

Pirates of The Caribbean-4
The Voodoo's Cult:)

The only one to escape Azkaban after Sirius Black*winks*

Fans, they just adore me...just don't let go of any opportunity to be by my side:D

Yeah, my fans cut across intelligence quotients:D

What not do they do to show their love for me:P

There goes another crazy fan:D

M.F.Hussain sketching my features on a canvas...his latest masterpiece:)

Nice place you've found for ur crush, Angie:P

I have been framed, am not a celebrity at all:D

Also, have been awarded again (am honoured, never received so many awards:D). This time it's Aayushi who has awarded me with the "Rockstar n Maverick" award and have also landed the "Bestest friends" award *bows graciously* Thanks Aayu:)

A word on Aayushi aka Krystal (she's one big Ekta Kapoor fan, see the spelling of her pseudonym:D *peace*) , my blogville sister...one sweet soul,always living life to the fullest, cares for everybody, mature much beyond her 13 years of existence on this planet, has a flair for writing, conveys some very strong messages through her posts...in short, she's just awwwsome!!!
Rock on dear:)

Red Hot Song Of The Moment:- Desi Girl from the movie Dostana.

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50 eulogies: on "*Celeb Me*"

¢яŷştąŁ said...

Oi...so you're another person whose reached the celebrity status.*claps*

And hellooooo..where is my name Krystal? :p

Its Crystal,Kristy...but NO..not Krystal :D
And thankyou sooo much bro,for the lovely thankyou :D :)

¢яŷştąŁ said...

And btw,why have you used only two of your pics in nearly all the photofunia pictures? :O

Ria said...

Hey nice pics. U r the first guy to take this up!! :) And well done. I like this song from Dostana. Lets c how does the movie turn out to be.

Av. said...

^ What he said.
+ I somehow didn't find this cheezy, which I usually would. So hats off!

Kiran Sawhney said...

I like your captions that you have given with each picture. I also tried this and put it on my blog. It is so cool.

Keshi said...

hahaha very nice Mr.Russel-Crowe-In-The-Making! Looking really GOOD CN!

I love love love ur 'Multi colored vision' one the best! Ur looking really HOT there ;-)

LOL @Paris n IQ shot!

Very well done..loved it and ty for being such a sport and doing it! Congrattz on the awards too...u so deserve em!


The Rat... said...

seems Keshi has started a trend... many bloggers have followed and i can see d impact on Orku too...

congrats on the award

comfortably numb said...

applause appreciated!!!
am so sorry abt that "K" thingy...dunno y I felt it was spelt wid a k:D
u r more than welcome..its d truth which i've written:)

comfortably numb said...

am I? well, ddnt knw tht
yep, am in total love wid dis song...all d songs t kool but this takes d cake:D

comfortably numb said...

thnx a million...all in gud fun,nothing cheesy abt it all:D
autograph buk plz...lolz:D

comfortably numb said...

welcum 2 my space dear:)
thnx...d captions were well thought of actually!!!
coming on to see ur pics:)

comfortably numb said...

Russel Crowe...I like d Depp guy more:D
me hot...*bulging eyes*..dun embarrass me:)
Paris...my fav comment:)
award...do I deserve dem even???

comfortably numb said...

yep Keshi has started a trend!!!
even my Orkut profile has a photofunia pic as the dp:)

Keshi said...

ofcourse u DESERVE em CN!

I dun fancy Depp all that much...so be happy that I mentioned Crowe cos I love him! ;-)

So according to Rat Im a trend-setter? WOOHOO!


harmonic whisperer said...

ohhhh...a momentary lapse of resn on my part...disabled d comments thing..neway....its allright nw...ur comment's awaited..tc

solo said...

i have a celeb on my blogroll now *WILD APPLAUSE*
i think i will transfer crush from rampal to u now! :P
btw, i TOHTALLY agree.. desi girl ROCKS!!

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