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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dard Ki Talaash...

There is something about "being in love" that is far too appealing for the human heart...it just can't do without it. I have approximately 10 very good friends out of which 8 are either in love or trying to begin being in love or even trying to continue being in love:D. Now the other day this 9th friend of mine says to me in an off-the-cuff remark that it's probably time for both of us to dive in the depths of loveville and give romance a chance and the sober me replied that "love just happens, u can't go about finding it" although the sarcastic me was so itching to retort about the various rather appealing by-products of dear love (broken hearts, long fights, living nytmares n likes). And then he goes ahead and gives me a summarized lecture inspired by Irrfan Khan in Life In A Metro *bring the car out n take ur chance* .

Bear in mind that this guy is a veteran of one pretty busted up relationship and is actually quite intelligent enough to even understand the shortcomings or rather should I say the hardships accompanying "blissful love", so then what prompts him to even think of getting into a relationship again and risking reliving the same ohh-so-great experiences all over again...Is it the loneliness within him...probably yes but then is not a lonely existence so much more a better bet than living that feeling of "being alone" when someone just walks away like a wisp of smoke, like a whiff of air. Maybe it's because he misses the existence of someone with whom he could share all his feelings and emotions and fears yet isn't not having an ear to listen better than having to listen to sarcasm laden statements regarding all those very emotions and fears.

I don't know the definite answers to these questions yet all logic and sense point out only one answer and that answer certainly is not "being in love". But that I think is the addiction of love, everyone wants to be in love *I know not why* .....You may not believe it but I have on more than an occassion been asked by some dimwitted souls as to "why am I single?" and the best part is that they even expect an answer:D
The term "blissful solitude" obviously holds no meaning for them but that's perfectly all right, after all not every one can have the same vocabulary qoutient:D
But the question remains "why is everyone looking for love?" Pray answer it for me if any of you can!!!

"Jab kabhi ye dil laga, Dard hi ise mila
Dil ki har lagi ka dekho dard hi hai ik sila
Kyun naye naye se dard ki talaash mein, firaaq mein udaas hai dil"
{Whenever the heart falls in love it encounters pain, in fact pain is always the final destination for a loving heart...yet why is the heart sad in the pursuit of a new pain}

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32 eulogies: on "Dard Ki Talaash..."

Aphrodite said...

hmm well said...the dil ki baatein dil hi jaane..dimaag se samjha nahi ja sakta...no matter how pained u r...it just pines for company and probably more pain... maybe looking for pleasure in pain...:P

mayz said...

one cant understand it unless one has felt it...its like an addiction...a painfully beautiful one at dat too...thr is smoethin so mesmerizin abt it dat it becomes almost impossible to run away from it...its like tastin blood...

even d pain it gives is pleasurable

¢яŷştąŁ said...

Sarcastic people ike us will forever mock it down..*sigh*
I never loved the feeling of love in people..makes them sort of light headed..and tht included havin' crushes and infactuations too..!!
And btw..those lyrica of the song 'Kyo khoye khoye chand ki...'..are some of my favourites!
And btw bro,singles like yu n me knw how GREAT solitude is..and yeah..SOLITUDE IS BLISS..nw and forever!

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

I lik those lines from KKC too. About love, if you're happy with the whole thing then good enough. As for me I don't buy into the concept of 'girl-meets'bou-then-goes-out' kind of love. As you say I've seen a lot of my friends lose their identity / freedom/ choice of spending free time for love. But again if they're happy doing it, its their call.

joiedevivre said...

yeh pyar ajeeb hai,
gar ho jaye toh naseeb hai,
darakhto hi chao hai iska sukun,
bebasi se darkar hai iska junnon.

mixedblessings89 said...

The addiction of being in love.. yes, I've seen that...

About loneliness, and being alone, I feel most people do not understand the difference, or even that solitude can be a choice..

Ria said...

yet it so totally worth it to fall in love. But yes i wud never advocate one to blindly fall in love with someone. One needs to keep his eyes and ears open. :)

Comfortably Numb said...

I will allow myself to wait till I get acquainted with "Love". I know it is a weird/lovely/exquisite..blah blah..feeling but its remote for me as of now ;)


comfortably numb said...

not really...coz every1 goes in2 d relationship not xpecting any pain from it which is naivety:(

comfortably numb said...

absolutely agreed bro...even I think tht being in love is such an xhilarating feeling tht evry1 shud xperiemce it once but how do u justify sum1 wanting 2 xperiemce d trials n tribulations all over again??

comfortably numb said...

I dont mock love but yes, its over rated.
solitude is bliss only if u r @ peace wid urself!!
lyrics r 2 gud:)

comfortably numb said...

welcum 2 my space!!!
yes, it goes beyond most ppl's realms of imaginations tht solitude is also a choice.
addiction of love...pretty dangerous:)

Vinz aka Vinu said...


to be in love is a bliss...and as we grow up that sense captivates us..the more we yearn for it..

i agree that love just happens..cant plan for it..!! but yearning for it comes naturally..!!


comfortably numb said...

being in love is bliss...comments reserved!!!
yearning for it...probably its natural.

comfortably numb said...

coz u always cum up wid a gud answer...I was expecting a nice answer 4m u and u ddnt disappoint:)

Av. said...

Love's this illogical thing.
And everyone's craving it.. like, cookies. This mad craving for cookies at 3 in the morning - Like that.
The heart - It loves the make and break game. For some very odd reason.

Either way, I suggest no one looks out for it, and just sits on their backsides and watches TV like other bored beings untill love finds them.
[And you girls, DARE you say I foun dlove on grey's anatomy. PLEASE]


brocasarea said...

good point there!!..
most our opinions abt love has been conditioned by movies[bollywood]!!..
so everyone thinks life is a bliss when in love....

¢яŷştąŁ said...

Come read a similar yet not-so-similar post on my blog..(presented by macadamia n me ;))

comfortably numb said...

love's dis illogical thing which makes all our nonsensical actions seem logical at tht point:D
welcum 2 my space dear!!!

comfortably numb said...

yeah buddy, it cuts both ways:(
Bollywood is d harbinger of many a heartbreak:(

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