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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby, I'm addicted...

Been tagged by the "Addictions" tag by Akshaya...
Well, the Oxford defines "addiction" being the "fact or condition of being dependant on something/someone" and it means the same in my dictionary too:D
So, without further nonsensical talk, here it is...

#1. Life...am addicted to life, I can't stop living...even at the downest of times, at the lowest ebb of the fortune's tide...I still harbor hopes. I may not proclaim to be still in hope but deep down within me there is that tiny flicker still burning bright. As they say na "Umeed pe hi duniya qayam hai" (Hope is what the world lives on)

#2. Love...I think every being on dis planet and beyond (big IF???) is addicted to love and thankfully on dis count am not different from anyone...love is something which I cannot do without...I just cannot hate a person (trust me, I have tried really very hard)...and of course I sometimes think...hey, I do hate d George Bushes, Osama bin Ladens n Narendra Modi's of this world but then, actually, it's their actions that I hate...I do not know them personally to hate them for the persons they are.

#3. Friends n Family...just can't do without them, can't imagine a world away from them...they are the cornerstones of everything that I do, my pillars of strength, my support system.

#4. Music n Manchester United...u will always find me humming some song or the other, music is sedative of life for me n ever since that fateful night of 1999, when I saw my 1st Man Utd game, I have become a "believer" for life...incidentaly, the match in question was the Champions League finale when Man Utd scored two goals in two mins (91st n 93rd) to become the champions.

#5. Joking/Pranking/Leg Pulling....favorite passtime of all time, nothing and I mean nothing can beat time spent cracking jokes or pulling someone's leg (all in the right spirit, though) and people tell me that I have a bit of a special talent in this field...an Orkut testimonial by a friend has the following lines... "has a wicked sense of humor, acche acchon ki band baja deta hai mouqa milne par..." am so touched and honoured:D *bows*

P.S. Sachi, I still do remember that I have to do the music player tag...and trust me, I will...so thand rakh:)

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20 eulogies: on "Baby, I'm addicted..."

¢яŷştąŁ said...

Oh loL!
You're a Man.U fan,as well?!?
yay!!..like brother like sister! ;)
#5 addiction..:D..m addicted to it,as well! ;)

mayz said...

no 2 holds so true for me...i m in love with love itself...ahhh n its feels nice...

btw awesome template dude!!!

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

Thankee 4 takin it...title based on enrique? i love that song...All nice happy addicts to have.But ManU - for me its football and hence totally byond my comprehension:)
(happy id in advance)

Sach! said...

:-) Thand hi thand hai...
I'll take this tag soon!

Hey I am addicted to love n life too and well I don't hate any one till date!
Man U..oh ho!!! Catch me up when some league is on...
(Love ronaldo..n was in love with beckham too ;))
#5. I don't give a doubt to that! You already know that you rock! \m/

Mahi said...

hey, i'm back on ur blog! that's a cool template! nice tag. eid mubarak to u!

comfortably numb said...

he he...not really
dese cause troubles too..sometimes of a far greater magnitude as well

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