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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Of Losing What U Once Had...

I stumbled across a couple of random blogs today which were incessantly funny (n I mean that as a compliment), reading them I could not help but admire the sense of humor of the bloggers in question...his quirky take on the world coupled with an amazing sense of wit combined to produce some really humorous pieces!!!

However, apart from being the provider of some very welcome humor, what that particular blog did was to make me realize how very unfunny my recent posts have been, I mean, yeah one blogs about what one feels like blogging and more often than not one's mental processes dictate his fingers on the keyboard and you just cannot write up a funny post as such without it coming from the heart.....but that just goes a long way to prove how seriously serious I seem to have become, where has that guy gone who everyone used to look to whenever a wise crack needed to be cracked, where has that guy gone who had no qualms about laughing at himself and making jokes of some of his most embarrassing moments, where has that guy gone for whom life was a laugh-a-thon???

And for those of you who may turn around and cheekily remark that maybe, just maybe, I am a bit self-patronizing when it comes to my sense of humor, that maybe I was always this non-funny guy who could not crack a joke to save his life, that maybe all my so-called wise cracks were plagiarized.....I would request them to have a look at these

These, according to my humble opinion are some of my tending-towards-humor posts, so that answers one question comprehensively.

However, the answer depresses me more coz it alludes to the fact that I have lost something...it's not as if I never had it...how much more okay would it have been if I never had it, at least I would not be going through this sense of loss, it's so much more harder to lose something after experiencing it (analogical statement) but then the reverse take on this would be that at least one had the privilege of experiencing it first hand rather than being one of those who always base their opinions and experiences on hearsay....
So tell me guys, is it better to have it and lose it or rather not ever have it and be immuned from the sense of loss???
Fyodor Dostoevsky, through his character, asks "Isn't a moment of bliss enough for a lifetime?" A very pertinent question it is too, is it necessary to experience bliss throughout life, can one not live with the memory of having experienced that single moment of bliss, is that one single moment not enough to act as a life source for ever? And if it's not, then are we being greedy in demanding a lifetime of bliss???

Ok, enough of this rant.....to think of I started talking about the loss of humor in myself and ended up talking about what-I-don't-know-yet....just goes such a long way in proving the meandering nature of my thoughts these days, come to think of it...not only my mind, my whole life is one meandering mess right now.Period!!! But let's not talk about that now coz there's only a fixed amount of self-deprecating that I can take at one time.

Neways, this is Saim signing off from here, lots of love to all of you...dun 4get 2 answer my question...till next time, so long.....c ya!!!

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37 eulogies: on "Of Losing What U Once Had..."

Aphrodite said...

hmmm made me realise i have been into blues like forever now...life is messed up period..!!

Keshi said...

me too...lately I've been sulking in the blues...

but today I wrote a funny post :) tnxx to ALL of u. HUGS!


solo said...

are we all feeling this way!?
the world's becoming a blue blue blueee place!
how depressing!
hugs anyway!

Parul Gupta said...

hey y is everybody sounding so depressed....kya baat hain yaar...
life isnt that bad...trust me its just a phase n will pass...

take care

d gypsy! said...

I have had my blue moments :) but then they only make me feel the bliss more so...

U TC...

Solitaire said...

I guess we all have our rough patches. Just because it appears that we have lost something today, it does not mean that we have lost it permanently.

brocasarea said...

some memories are worth cherishing no!!.[not all]
and l liked ur that "love is a4 letter word" article"....its funny:)

comfortably numb said...

yup crests n troughs are part n parcel of lyf...I just hope both occupy similar time intervals though

comfortably numb said...

I find it a bit strange that none of u answered my question...was it difficult to answer???
I have my own answer, I wud rather experience it n lose it than nvr have it, just wanted to know all of ur takes on dis point.

Crystal.. said...


"Life is a joke..and we're victims"
I hate tht statement..and thnk God..mera bhai kuch naya le karr aya..and isn't depressed! ;)

rantravereflect/ jane said...

well i think my sense of humor also goes so dry i wish i got my period!
ya just saw how DRY it's gotten ;)

well, i think it's better to have it cos when ya dun have it n ya're immune to the sense of loss, you don't even go through that experience and that's saddddd..:)

n besides, if ya're blessed with humor, it will return at the opportune moment :)

until then be comfortably numb to the sense of temporary loss :)

my pj to brighten ya up :)

saim is mostly the same
but his spark of sudden humor is ramarkably insane
and defintely not lame
soo waitin for you, saim to play the joker's game..

Beauty and the BEast said...

life sometimes wipes the smile off your face.. but it cant steal the laughter which bubbles in your heart..

Sometimes, the bubbles get lost... just take time out to find them..

and steal back your laughs from life!

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

For me the stuff I write when I'm 'blue' is the best. But then again maybe I dont have a taste for the lighter stuff.

Btw nice blog you have here.

comfortably numb said...

i can c hw dry it is:D
thnk god sum1 answered, I shr d same pov
hoping 4 humor 2 return
am more of like uncomfortably numb dese dayz
ur pj:- u rok, u rok, u rok..period!!!
thts d best thing I hv read abt me 4 such a long log tym...thnx a zillion:)
*bear hug*

comfortably numb said...

I shr ur feeling dear but still d lighter side is also welcome...trust me on dis, u sure do hv a lighter side...find it:)
btw...welcum 2 my space!!!

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

And I realise I havent answered ur question either...i dont think you'e lost it or anything..just think of it as diversifying.

Ferrin B said...

but a good blog doesnt necessarily have to be funny saim. i think you're doing a great job even if it may not be funny...

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