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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Troughing Crest

It's been a so not good two days for me.....things have been bad, no things have been pure hellish. There is a problem which affects you and others, you have a solution too but you cannot implement it, it's not in your hands and the ones who can do not want to. They want to harp on the past, chisel the wounds over and again and give a new definition to life's trials.

This was my status message over the period @ Twitter "I finally understand how they feel who end life...it's still cowardice n I would never do it, yes but I understand"...yes, I was that disgusted with anything remotely called life.


But then, last night I had a talk with 3 friends~~~one an old childhood friend who helped in defining friendship for me and two others being virtual friends I've been fortunate to befriend. Lost touch with those two virtual friends for some time and it was so pleasant to finally get to talk to them...of course, the fact that they are happy and safe and hale and hearty provides the icing an
d the cherries and the confetti:)

Meanwhile, the oldest friend, it seems, has discovered love [truly, madly, deeply types] and was defining "over the moon" all over again:D...to see the happiness dripping from his words was thrilling and amazing... I am of course overjoyed for him, may the force be with him and may this turn out forever and for always *wishes*

Also, one of the virtual friends is on a new road trip to happiness, she is treading new paths and finding new bends...she says "the raindrops are an excuse to smile now" and am I glad or what *wishes*

They say "Happiness begets happiness"...now I don't know about that but it sure is infectious...yes, my troubles are still the same they were the last two days but this brimming over cup of joy from friends brought a smile and more...and I let the troubles be as I immersed myself in their happiness for a moment, I smiled and shared their feelings and enjoyed this existence!!!

Thank you so much guys...all my wishes with you:)

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14 eulogies: on "Troughing Crest"

Arun Kumar said...

yup joy is infectious...
I wish the 'virtual friend on her road to happiness' a forever-love.... ;-)

Keshi said...

Happiness is not abt solving all ur problems...it's abt living harmoniously, with all ur ups and downs somehow.


Diya said...

Hey, don't be sad re... you don't get anything. Life is too short to be upset. Nevertheless, what happened? You seemed so upset at the beginning? Don't be... ok?
PS. I`ll mail u up re, was a bit busy. :P

comfortably numb said...

true words...the problem arises when you do not know how to arise from a particular trough!!!

comfortably numb said...

I wish the emotions were in our control...alas, they are the biggest hypocrites we know!!!
Thank u for caring neways...Waiting for ur mail!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks a ton for this post ... i so very understood your twitter update .. and i accept i have been at that point .. but yes .. happiness isnt that difficult to accept :)

comfortably numb said...

yep...it cries out to be accepted and we parched souls welcome it with glee!!!

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