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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sepulchre's Threat

And so I return to Blogosphere after Sepulchre threatened to block my entry forever if I did not revert the permission thingy back to normal.

Those of you who visited this link last week would know what am talking about.

For those who didn't the story goes like this...I was looking to make a couple of changes to the tempy of this page and so I temporarily made the blog permission driven, now that was fine coz I had only intended to take about a couple of hours at max to get the changes in the tempy done. What I had not bargained for though was that I would get embroiled in some other work which needed attention urgently and a new project which needed some time...So as a result Sepulchre got neglected and horrifyingly remained permission driven for almost a week without anyone being able to access the page.

Now Sepulchre being Sepulchre can handle my absence but what it cannot handle is the absence of you amazing fellas of the blogosphere and thus in desperation it gave me a threatening call asking me to revert the permisiion settings back to normal at the earliest which basically meant a deadline of about an hour or so:D

Well, anyways the changes have been done to the tempy, the settings have been returned to normalcy and a new post adorns this page now:)
And Sepulchre is a bit mellow now:D

Now I know I have been absent from all your pages too and they must be equally dejected and agitated as Sepulchre is...so without much ado I'll try n turn to mellowing them down now:)
C ya fellas!!!

P.S. If you have not yet listened to the title track of the movie "Kaminey" seriously suggest you plug in the earphones quickly and get a life:P

If you have listened to it, then I congratulate you on getting a life:D

Sample this:-

Mere Aarzoo Kaminey
Meri Zindagi Kaminey
Ek Dil Se Dosti Thi
Yeh Huzoor Bhi Kaminey

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18 eulogies: on "Sepulchre's Threat"

Ria said...

oh no wonder i cudnt access ur blog. Oh btw the template looks impressive. :) Good job! And yes i hav listened to the title track of Kaminey. :)

Anonymous said...

hey saim...sallaam

the tempy looks awesome-ly cool :D
and m js listening to the tarck...man its groovy :)

me 2 thinking of changing tempy...lets c...m a lazy gal :(

anyways thnx for telling its a song...was shocked seeing ur orkut caption...:D :D :D

Anonymous said...

ops i was listening to the "gullak tode" track....ds one is soft ....but what kaminey has to do in this :@

Cяystal said...

Okay ! :D
I'm ignoring my comments after the post for this awesome template and for the Kaminey song.. though I like dhan te nan more.. :D
Where the eff did you get this template from haa?

The Rat... said...

ah.... actually i got a page saying such a page doesnt exists... with Pink orchid deleting her page i tot, u deleted too... Lolzz

anyways, glad u r back... :-P

AD said...

spooky temp.

havent listened to the track, but i think i will have to get me a life now ;)

comfortably numb said...

lolz...I got saved
thnx...I made the tempy myself!!!
Dhan Te Nan is superbo stuff:)

comfortably numb said...

Spooky n this...u shud hv seen the one whr I had a bg pic of graveyards n bats:P
Do listen to the song:)

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

loved the look ..awesome template saim :D Kajal here.. and I am back..and I am gonna be regular here..

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