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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Honestly Yours...

Heena awarded me the "Honest Scrap" award some days back.....so sweet of her:)
The award comes with a rider, you have to list 10 truths about yourself before you can accept the award.....so not sweet of her:P

Did an extended version of this tag long back but as Heena says this makes for a "free fokat ka blog post" and considering my ineptitude with words these days, this is too good a chance to pass by:D
And the icing is of course that I get to tag 10 of you after I finish this:P

So, without further ado, I fill the honesty tumbler and let the truths flow...

  1. I don't like myself much, yes of course there are lot of facets which are okayish in nature but the complete package does not appeal to me, it's riddled with too many unlikeable things.
  2. I am in love, yes the truly, madly, deeply kind of love.The object of my affections.....a certain blond haired Russian named Maria:P
  3. I so wanted to graduate in English.....this desire was partly kicked in because of the love for the language and partly because of a ridiculously biased Bengal (bloody) board rule which only allowed Bengali students to take English as their 1st language in class IX-X... yes,in the champions of equality Communist ruled West Bengal this blatant racism is still prevalent.
  4. I am a very self introspective person...even the trivial decisions that I make or the off the cuff remarks in presence of friends are heavily pondered upon later.....the fact that it hardly makes a difference in my spontaneous rushes of idiocy and sarcasm does not matter to me.
  5. I am the biggest Manchester United fan that there is, at least according to me:D
  6. I am the laziest soul on the planet and this is according to everyone who knows me...if you want something not done just hand the job to me and rest assured, it won't be done:D
  7. I am a plans and schedule person, purely theoretically though. The plans and schedules never get worked upon and everything I do is randomness personified or is under the 11th hour syndrome.
  8. I get tongue tied when talking to girls but no one believes this fact except me...perhaps I gloss over it pretty well:)
  9. I am very argumentative, some of my friends say too much actually. I just can't let a seemingly illogical/incorrect thing to be spoken, inherently I have to jump in with a retort!!!
  10. I am ashamed of my lack of religiosity.....the fact that I do not offer my prayers as they should be irks me a lot and shames me a great deal. Hopefully, I can soon correct this.

There, it's done and dusted...I have tried not to repeat the truth from that earlier post though a couple may have overlapped as I don't remember all of the ones which I listed earlier.

Now for the fun part....I pass on this award and tag to the following people

  • Shadan
  • Arun
  • Ekta
  • Hitesha
  • Nupur
  • Ria
  • Diya
  • Vyzz
  • Aayushi
  • Anamika

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31 eulogies: on "Honestly Yours..."

Keshi said...

U r very much like-able CN! Dun ask urself, ask ur friends. And I think ur very smart, very handsome, ver loving, very everything :) So dun underestimate urself so much.

I believe that religion doesnt hv to be associated with Prayers...Love is a religion...and if u practise love in ur daily life, then I believe God will be happier than when u pray :)

TC u rock!


Chriz said...

congrats for the honest scrap...

and good to know that you plan things atleast theoretically :)

Arun Kumar said...

hey... same pinch on Maria n Man utd n laziness...

n learn to love yourself... :-) "Vanity is the all natural self opiate" read it somewhere...

Ria said...

hey thanks for the honest scrap award. And as far as the tag is concerned i will take it up soon. :)

The Rat... said...

check check check... Jaa re pagal.. u cheated, i knew all of this pehle se hi... :-P

Congos anyways...

Nupur said...

Are you a Libran?!? Just wondering....coz I'm one...and we share a lot of things in common!!!!

Thanks for the free fund ka blog post!!!

Whats in a name.......... said...

hey!!! 3, 7 and 9......i can completely identify with!!
its not just u, a lot of other ppl are also in "love" with my namesake!!!hehe

Diya said...

Awwwweeee... That was sooo sweet, is this my b`day gift bdw? Thank you soo mucch dear. :)

Diya said...

Ummm I`ve manny points common with you... maybe this is the same city effect ;) bdw, where do u stay? :P

comfortably numb said...

plz dun ever call Manu...its derogatory
call it Man Utd or Manchester United

comfortably numb said...

u r welcome...u deserved it!!!
am not Libran...am Leo
n if we share things in common tht shows tht sun signs are just crap (personal opinion)

comfortably numb said...

bday or no bday...u got coz u deserved it:)
yeah probably the same city effect:P
am in Central...peripheries of Park Street:)
whr r u???

Vyzz said...


thanks for taggin moi saim

im way lazy too..interesting things u tell...


Diya said...

Thanxx :)\Well, I am totally frm the south, Im frm Patuli :) Drp me a mail if u can [shabnamdiya5028@gmail.com] :)

comfortably numb said...

Patuli...I so knw the place, passed it for 4 consecutive years on the way to coll:)
will surely sound u a mail!!!

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