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Friday, November 28, 2008

Mindless Mayhem!!!

As I sit down to write this, its been more than 42 hours since that first crack of lightning which left a destructive trail in its wake…a trail which is yet to be fully uncovered…a destruction which is yet to be fully comprehended…125 killed, more than 300 injured is what the official count has been put at but trust me when I say this…they have wreaked more havoc this time round. They have killed more than 125 innocent human lives…this time they have killed many an onlooker who will forever live with the memory of such mindless terror…they have injured the soul of every Indian who will forever unsuccessfully grapple with such incomprehensible rage…what can one do in the face of such inhumanity…how do you explain the actions of such individuals, let alone justify them…what could their motivations be except for incorrigible rage…

This time they have targeted the crown jewels of Mumbai…by targeting luxury hotels they have chosen to ram home the point that no place is beyond their bloodied hands…TAJ MAHAL and OBEROI are the symbols of our prosperity…many a dream has been woven just across from these landmarks…tireless labor and hard work has been put in by many a teeming million in the hope of reaching these pinnacles of success..of being there, dining there…that is the paradise that so many of us work our sweat off…and today that paradise is burning…it has become hell incarnate…tell me where do we go now?
“ye hamari Mumbai hai jispe aaj ye attack hua hai, ye Kashmir mein hota tha, dekhte the lekin today I want to see their dead bodies before I go, I am not going from here before that”…was how one photographer of a leading news channel put it. While on one hand it does show the apathy that we feel towards Kashmir’s goings on, it also truly and matter of factly drives in the point that the war has finally come home…it has not only come at the doorstep…today it has entered our drawing room too…Kashmir is a far fetched land where such acts happen as a regularity but today I have witnessed it first hand and and it is not pretty.
Mr. politician will now go back to giving their hollow speeches about the spirit of Mumbai…about the city not getting bogged down in the face of terror…about being united and tackling terrorism...fuck you and fuck that so called imaginative spirit…we go out in the face of terror not because we are not afraid rather we unlike you know the value of working and we unlike you take pride in earning our breadcrumbs…we are resilient not by choice but by force…we are resilient because we have not known any other way…we are resilient because we have no option…so shut the fuck up Mr.politician and try and answer pertinent questions for a change…how come 20 terrorists with as much ammo as required to be able to keep the NSG at bay for over a day get into the city…where was your intelligence gathering mechanism…was it asleep or was it dead…do you have answers or will you once again turn this catastrophe into vote gobbling mechanism..am sure you will.
So go away…you are not required to make your ceremonial visits to ground zero nor are you required to make your spineless national addresses…let the people who for a change do work do their bit in this time of need…the country today weeps for the casualties of this mindless mayhem…more so it weeps for the erodement of the last semblance of normalcy in our life…the tears will not dry soon and even when they do their stains will be etched on forever…every waking moment of our life and in our dreams too we will always remember this nightmare.
All kudos to the NSG, RAF, state police and the hotel management staff for their work…condolences to those who have lost…we cannot fully comprehend your grief but we do understand.
Rest in peace all those souls who departed, yes even theirs who carried out these acts…that’s because I am unlike them

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6 eulogies: on "Mindless Mayhem!!!"

Ria said...

Thats why i hav been doin, changing the channel everytime a politician came to give a statement. Jus fed up of them.......and i m jus sick of hearing abt the spirit of Mumbai. There's nothing of tht sorts, ppl dont hav choice.....life has to go on!!as they say time and tide wait for none.

Thespian said...

Never thought there'd be a day like this. It just seems to get worse, every day, every hour, every minute. Now I know what being "handicapped" really feels like.


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

May all those innocent souls find eternal solace.

Hail those brave people who rescued the others!

Sach! said...

Yea seriously RIP...
The forces hav done a commendable work.,...just hope things get better,...
n that thavckry realizes sm brian stuff...

Arunima said...

Agreed....agreed a million times to what you have written here.
While I read it I thought as if I am reading my heart out. Infact this is sumthing going on in minds of every one of us.
At least u had the words to state it all which I was unable 2 do.

Lets Pray for peace & yes the NSG, RAF, cops, commandos they are all our saviors.

Whats in a name.......... said...

may god give those who have lost their loved ones the courage to bear their loss.
and may god give us, those who are still living the courage to stand up and 'be the change', in our own little way!

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