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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From Sepulchre To Saim

Hii soulmate...how are you dese dayz??? Kinda rockin I hope...pretty busy too considering that you haven't been visiting me very oft these past few weeks...

You know it's been kinda lonely without you...not that am complaining or something, I mean am too exalted and honourable to be bothered by your absence...yes, some of your human friends do visit and often scribble some words, generally a message for you...seems I have bcum sort of a post box for u eh eh:)

U know am far more pissed off at the fact that you are not visiting my lovely sisters in this vibrant world of ours...not that they too miss you or anything...you are too inconsequential an entity for them, plus they have far more worthy and trusted followers than your pity self (now did that hit d mark, buddy???) but their respective soulmates do get a bit irked sometimes that you have become so irregular in your trysts with their pathways dese past few days...not that they should care as well...I mean they too have far more regular aficionados but I guess they are governed by that silly virtue of urs called human emotion.

Trust me the loss is all yours coz there have been some really brilliant pieces in our world during your "gone-missing" dayz...really this world of ours is becoming more n more vibrant and diverse with each passing moment of your worldly time:)

Pity really that you are not a witness to this vibrancy coz you did have potential you know but anyways...its been fun mate...you have used me to speak your mind and in the processs have also reached out to fellow humans of your society...you have had discussions and debates on various silly topics which your world seems to be forever grappling with...you have even spoken of the matters of your heart and fodder of your mind (he he)...you have cracked jokes (mostly pathetic ones) and done dedications and tributes to various members of your race.....hell, u have even abused yourself n your world n your life in my presence...not that I mind any of those, I mean things of such ilk are really not very important to me, plus you being my soulmate are allowed that much leeway.

V have had good times, haven't we??? Maybe I do miss you sometimes (yeah, now get all ego boosted) but am sure you are doing something worthwhile...I mean nothing can be as worthwhile as being in my pleasing company but then I guess destiny plays it's part...and you are where you ought to be, doing what you ought to be doing whilst I while away my time listening to that noise that you have put on me (gud that you put two varieties this time round, I need a change from d same monotone, u know)...sometimes I reminisce those moments when you glowed and soared in my company...I have been a part of your solitude...moments when you were down and in all sorts of despair have beeen witnessed by me...guess I can safely say that I know you as well as yourself if not better.

Newayz...hope u do read this soon...just wrote all this down in a moment of acute boredom, guess I was missing you a bit...try n visit more often soullie:)
Hv fun mate...do reply soon:)

Yours bloggily

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35 eulogies: on "From Sepulchre To Saim"

Whats in a name.......... said...

now thats called self realisation in the true sense of the term. ur comments are imp,why call urself "too inconsequential an entity".
so with this post can we say, welcome back eh??

Ria said...

Oh so tht was u telling it to urself. Hope tht brought abt the right kinda realsation!!

Trinaa said...

everybody has started talking to themselves but still m d only one who is called mad! :P

jokes apart lovely piece of writing siam :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

and ... do you have a reply??

Waiting to read what it possibly cud be...!!

And this such an *awwww* post...

It really is

mayz said...

i loved this post...
y?? well a lot of reasons...

1. i love talkin to myself
2. i hate kickin my alter egos butt
3. yet my alter ego keeps comin back ( i so love him)
4. reminded me of a post i wrote a few days back on my other blog...so similar

Vyzz said...

i like to come to ur blog ya...always playing the good ol song from dasvidaiya :)

an alter egoes..bring it on! hehe



solo said...

1. you have been tagged

2. u do not bother to comment on my blog anymore

3. do tag.


solo said...

1. you have been tagged

2. u do not bother to comment on my blog anymore

3. do tag.


comfortably numb said...

dun worry...am very much a member of "mad" club:)
thnx...ohh n btw it's S-A-I-M:)

comfortably numb said...

ryt now Saim is tongue tied...thr may be a reply in d future
"awwww" post...yeah I get wht u mean:)

comfortably numb said...

alter egos r sumthng v can kick so easily n dey won't retaliate...so happy kicking:D

comfortably numb said...

awww...sorry but no1 else complains
plus dun hv any other more appropriate bg as of yet

rantravereflect/ jane said...

haaaa :) well, everybody is being pushed to insanity,n that feels reallllly good, cos i'm on the boderline, or maybe even me- ive fallen off the cliff.. sooo, talking to oneself is good self therapy.. hurrray!

CяŷştąŁ said...

I so loathe it when blogger makes my comments disappear.HUH!

But anyway..I forgot half of what I said..but..the mean jist wuz that--> the pathetic jokes are the ones that'll make you grin later..
SO keep the spirit high,my bro:)))
love ya..tc

(blog updated)

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

he he made me feel super guilty....liked reading this one....make sure you (or ur soulmate) dont influemce my blog for a lil while atleast;)

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