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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Eyes of Truth

Why is the world full of crap?
What's stopping it from going and taking a hike?
Why couldn't I laugh at those jokes...were they really inane or am I full of shit? (why the fuck does this word keep coming back to me)
Why the hell am I typing all this shit? (there, it comes up again)....I should know right, but I bloody well don't or maybe I don't wanna acknowledge that I know...whatever, how the bloody hell does it matter?
One fucked up piece of crap I am, I guess.Period!!!

P.S. If anyone has the unfortunate experience of reading this, please try and pardon my language...this is just a purely unadulterated rant....On second thoughts, don't pardon coz I dun deserve it and frankly, dun even care.

P.P.S. Haven't been visiting all your blogs...try and pardon me for that instead, I really care about that.

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26 eulogies: on "Eyes of Truth"

CяŷştąŁ said...

Its the world..it ought to be crappy!


(PS-come give your share on my latest post..)

Ria said...

Dont bother abt wht ppl will think or say, jus do as u desire....good tht u spoke wht was on ur mind. :) And come back to the rest of the blogs when u feel like.

The Rat... said...

ha ha ha.. logged into Gtalk and posted "pardon my colorful Language" as d status msg.. then my reader popped in ur post..

seems we are going thru similar mood swings...

Arunima said...

>> If anyone has the unfortunate experience of reading this...
well i did.
hmm bt it's not so unfortunate reading it.
This is LIFE after all so it ought 2 b bitter n messed up.
take a chill pill n remember
"it vil pass away"

Smile plz ;)

Keshi said...

Sometimes we've got to let our minds be heard exactly the way they wanna be heard. U did well.


Urv said...

I too hate these phases.. Going through one myself. Hopefully it shall pass. Hope. Thats what the world lives by. Right eh..

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