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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Karoge Yaad To...

This is a follow up from Amit aka Hopeless Romantic's When Love Signed On A Blank Cheque ... Please give it a read before reading this...it definitely is worth your time.
For the lazy ones, here's a summary..... Garima and Nitin were to be married but on the night before the marriage Nitin was struck by a celebratory bullet which killed him. Garima is left to ponder on her cruel fate.


Garima stood in her balcony gazing into nothingness. The night which was to be the witness of their togetherness had chosen a different path. A twisted fate had come and drowned her into numbness, leaving nothing in it's wake but memories. Memories of a time much better, of a love eternally pure and of a bond seemingly unbreakable. Memories which refused to leave her, almost overpowering her and making her relive all of them, one by one, piece by piece almost as if she were rearranging the whole picture into a jigsaw puzzle.

Karoge yaad to har baat yaad aayegi
Guzarte waqt ki har mauj theher jaayegi

As the skies opened up to share her grief, she finally gave in. The tears finally broke through, the grief was final, the fate certain. Gazing at her mehndi adorned hands, she wondered who to blame...Was it the person who fired that gun when he could barely stand on his feet ..... was it Nitin himself for coming in the way of that shot which was not meant for him or perhaps it was that bullet which struck her love, tearing some flesh from his body and shredding their togetherness. "Mehndi ka rang jitna gehra ho rishta utna hi lamba hota hai"...as these lines came back to her she could not help but laugh a hysterical laugh at the smug slap that fate had landed on the face of traditions and hearsay.

Barasta bheegta mausam dhuan dhuan hoga
Pighalti shammon pe dil ka mere gumaan hoga
Hatheliyon ki hina yaad kuch dilaayegi

The good or perhaps bad thing about life is that it never ceases. Whatever happens, however one wishes but one wish that is never granted is for life to stop. It is always there and you have to live it. The question remained for Garima...how to live it? The answer for once was not difficult, rather it stared her in the eye...ever so bright even in the darkness of that gloomy night. Maybe it was the shimmering moonlight or Nitin's conviction which shone so brightly. What better way to live than to strive for Nitin's dream. Yes, she would build the orphanage and fulfill his most cherished wish. She would walk the path he had chosen and bring the road to it's destination. And perhaps it would help her to live.

Ye chand beete zamaanon ka aaina hoga
Bhatakte abr mein chehra koi bana hoga
Udaas raah koi daastaan sunayegi

2 years later...
The darkness of that night has somewhat receded now. Her life is now the children who live in the orphanage. Spending time with those children of misfortune, she has learnt how to live with her fate. Life is a wonderful thing nonetheless, inspite of all it's shortcomings and uncertainties...the smile on their faces and their eternal struggle to find happiness in every difficulty makes her proud. It's not that she has forgotten Nitin or the cruelty of fate...she often remembers it even now and always it still brings a moistness in the corners. Running around and playing with the children, sometimes inadvertently when her glance falls on the pathway...there still rises a momentary hope that Nitin may walk through the door, that the hand of fate may just have been a joke. These reveries are soon broken though, what with everyone pulling her from all sides and filling her ears with a cacophony of laughter.

Gali ke mod pe soona sa koi darwaza
Tarasti aankhon se rasta kisi ka dekhega
Nigaah door talak jaake laut aayegi

P.S.  Yours truly has been nominated for IndiBlogger of the Month August 2009 under "Original Literature - Short Stories ... To everyone who visits here,please someone just go and give me one vote. I do not under any circumstances want to start and end the voting at zilch (0). 
Visit here to oblige. 

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17 eulogies: on "Karoge Yaad To..."

Diya said...

I cant sign in to indi blogger and so cant vote :( :(
Nevertheless, me likey the story :) [Just your cup of tea] :)

Samadrita said...

Ah shoot!I already voted for someone else.But this story is really nice too ^^
Keep writing.That's what matters!

Saim said...

no worries!!!
someone voted so am not @zilch and that's all that matters:)
y my cup of tea???

Saim said...

ohh absolutely...tht's all tht matters!!!
no worries abt the vote thingy.

Americanising Desi said...

i could hardly blink when i was reading!
there was a loud voice in this as you went along your narration :)

my vote is for you :D

Hopeless Romantic said...

i got busy and forgot to put my views on this...sorry abt that...

thanks for mentioning me and taking the story forward. Though i would have liked if you would have not written that summary, since it would just kill the mystery while reading my story. But then it was a requirement for your story, so i am cool with it!

Coming back to the story, it was nicely written, and beautifully interspersed with some awesome poetic lines. You brought the pain out completely of Garima, which i couldn't since it was getting just too long! Well done, it was a great effort!

Cheers Mate,

Anonymous said...

Dard bahut khoob saheja hai Saim aapne..
You got to the depth of pain of losing someone. Lovely..

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