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Monday, August 24, 2009

Greetings, Awards, Birthday and Randomness

God, it's been ages since I wrote something @ Sepulchre...am sure the dude's feeling neglected n et all being the equivalent of a drama queen that it is:P

Where have I been this past week...no posts here, no comments on any of your blogs though i have read some of your posts...well, I've been a bit busy and a bit nonchalant about this space. busy in designing and creating another blog which is solely dedicated to the greatest club in the world Manchester United. The blog is now up and running and my personal opinion is that it has come out pretty well for starters. You could have a look at Mancunian Mavericks ... yes that's what it's named "Mancunian Mavericks":)

About the nonchalance part, well was not really feeling up to writing anything, dunno but this is a feeling which is gripping me too often for my liking...am I falling out of love with this space, I hope not coz I really love it here....contradictions, bloody contradictions complicating dear old life:(

Back to the blogosphere, I need to thank and acknowledge the wonderful souls that Stephen of The Solitary Writer and Princess Nuchu of Angel Of Darkness are....these guys have awarded me and for me awards are always "the more, the merrier":)

Ste of course celebrated his 150th post and doled out awards and I consider myself very lucky to be part of his awardee list. He's a great guy, full of humor and fun...writes well especially good fiction.

Princess Nuchu aka Nusrath reached the milestone of 100 posts and celebrated it with awards galore and yours truly was lucky again:) Nusrath is someone I have just started following and as far as I can conclude far from being an Angel of Darkness, she's actually a sweet fairy...writes nice and new styles of poems...and btw, I just love her nickname Nuchu, it's cho cute n all:)

Heartfelt thanks to both of them... *cheers*

Btw...folks Blogger has turned 10 and celebrating this milestone it's going to launch some new added features. A big thank you to Google for this amazing initiative which has given all of us a platform to share our thoughts. 
Happy Birthday Blogger:)

The holy month of Ramzan has come visiting and greetings to everyone!!!
Till the next time, c ya fellas:)

P.S. Hopping on to some of your pages, may not be able to read all the pending posts so forgive me for those I  miss:(

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16 eulogies: on "Greetings, Awards, Birthday and Randomness"

Anonymous said...

First of All,

Ramadan mubarak bro :)

And hehe.. I like my nick too :P

:) Glad you liked the awards:)

P.S: 7 more posts for your blog to reach the 100th :) yay! Another paaaardy!!

Samadrita said...

Nice blog you have here.And thanks for putting up my link in your page :)
Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

P.S:Happy Birthday to Blogger!

Saim said...

Blogger is offended at this misbehavior towards one of it's fav persons, so no thnx to u:P

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