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Monday, January 19, 2009

K{no}w Me Better

First Name:- Saim

Sex:- Male

Single or Taken:- have not replied to Maria's proposal yet...so yes, it would be single as of now:D

Birthday:- 9th day of August

Siblings:- 3 sisters n a bro

Hair Color:- Natural Black:D

Shoe Size:- 7/8

Height:- 5'6"

Innie or Outie:- Mostly innie...prefer to be outie only among the chosen:)

What are you wearing right now:- Tracks, T-shirt n my attitude:D

Righty or Lefty:- Righty

Can you make a dollar in change right now:- am not parting with it even if I can *suspicious look*

Who are your closest friends:- Solitude n my shadow *intellectual answer*:D
S, S, F, M, K n R too

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend:- Nopes...of course Maria has other plans:)

Best place to go for a date:- On a gondola in Venice

Favorite place to shop:- One which fits the pocket

Favorite kind of pants:- Comfy Jeans

Favorite Color:- Red, Black, White N Blue

Favorite Number:- Infinity {if it counts as a number i.e.}

Favorite Animal:- Tiger

Favorite Drink:- Rooh Afza

Favorite Sport:- Football

Favorite Fast Food Place:- ACS

Favorite Month:- August, January

Favorite Movie:- The Dark Knight {last year considered only}

Favorite Juice:- Mango, Lemon

Favorite Finger:- Thumb

Favorite Breakfast:- Hardly have it

Favorite Cartoon Character:- Jerry

Have you ever given anyone a bath:- Nopes

Have you ever smoked:- Yes

Have you ever bungee jumped:- In dreams, yes:)

Have you ever made yourself throw up:- Even the thought disgusts me

Have you ever gone skinny dipping:- Hell no

Have you ever eaten a Hot Dog:- Find me a place which sells it.

Have you ever put your tongue on a frozen pole:- Do I really seem that nutty type of a guy:)

Have you ever broken a bone:- Yep, chicken's leg pieces:D

Have you ever played "truth or dare":- Who hasn't? It's one dangerous game I tell you.

Have you ever been in a police car:- No...came close during a pro-reservation rally but no.

Have you ever been on a plane:- Only in the amusement park:)

Have you ever been in a sauna:- In Calcutta's weather...yeah ryt!

Have you ever been in a hot tub:- Mom says yes...when I was a toddler

Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean:- Yes...your eyes are no less deep than an ocean and trust me...I often drown in them:D

Have you ever fallen asleep in school:- No...innumerable times in college though *grin*

Have you ever run away:- Never...as it is u can never run away coz the Earth being round you end up back in the same place:D

Have you ever broken someone's heart:- Not that I know off but then heartbreaks don't make a sound, so one can never be sure about these things.

Have you ever cried when someone died:- Yes

Have you ever cried in school:- Moist eyes...Period!!!

Have you ever fallen off your chair:- Thankfully no

Have you ever sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:- That's how my insomnia got initiated lolz...:P

Have you ever saved emails:- starred them only

Have you ever fallen for one of your best friends:- Nopes

Have you ever made out with JUST a friend:- isn't this one real sleazy tag:P

Have you ever used someone:- Probably yes...v all do though nothing real bad.

Have you ever been cheated on:- No

What is your good luck charm:- Belief In my Allah.

What is the best song you have ever heard:- Kahin to hogi (last year considered only)

What is the stupiddest thing you have ever done:- Too many...cannot rate stupidity.

What's your room like:- Messy...things strewn about...out of place...essentially normal:D

What is the last thing you said:- Abusing myself for picking up this monstrous tag:P

What is beside you:- Cell, Wallet, Wristwatch, Earphones, Belt, Handkerchief, Visiting card of a doctor and a pen.

What is the last thing you ate:- Daal chawal n meat.

What shampoo do you use:- Head n Shoulders

What is the best thing that happened to you in the past year:- Got hooked to blogging.

What is the worst thing that happened to you in the past year:- Graduated...had to leave college:(

Have you had chicken pox:- Yes

Have you had a sore throat:- Who hasnt experienced this "great" event.

Have you had stitches:- Nah...even stitches don't help with broken hearts.

Have you had a broken nose:- No...did gift a bruised nose to someone though:D

Do you believe in love at first site:- Depends on the object of sighting:P

Do you like picnics:- Immensely

Do you like school:- Still not over it *sigh*

Would you eat a live hamster for $1,000,000:- I'd rather rob a bank

What people would you want with you if stuck on an island:- Maria Sharapova *naughty wink*

Who was the last person that called you:- F...all the bloody way from France

Who was the last person you slow-danced with:- A...niece

What makes you laugh the most:- Intelligent humor...Bheja Fry variety

What makes you smile:- Sudden shower, Sunset, Smile on an asleep baby's face, Romantic numbers, smiling faces

Who is the last person you yelled at:- Don't even remember

Who is the last person who broke your heart:- How many times do you think is it healthy to have your heart broken...one insensitive git who made this tag

Who is the last person who told you that they loved you:- It does not need telling

Who is your loudest friend:- S when he is in that sort of a mood

Do you like filling these out:- Getting cheeky, are we!

Do you wear glasses or contacts:- Attitude

Do you like yourself:- Just about...yes

Do you get along with your family:- With my immediate family...yes
With my extended family...hardly

Have you stolen anything over $50:- How much does Maria's heart cost *lopsided grin*

Are you obsessive:- Only about Manchester United

Are you compulsive:- Sometimes

Are you anorexic:- No

Are you suicidal:- The way this tag is going I'll soon be turning one

Are you schizophrenic:- I do show signs *chuckles wholeheartedly*

If so, does he/she know:- Told u na...Maria's proposed:D

Have you truly told him/her how you feel, face to face:- Didn't need to...she proposed first:D

What is so great about him/her:- What's not

Coffee or Tea:- Coffee

Oldest/Middle/Youngest/Only Child:- Youngest *naughtiest, most pampered too:)*

Indoor/Outdoor:- Mostly Outdoors

How many people are you sending this:- The max that I can muster *share agony is my funda of life*

What are you listening to right now:- "Arziyaan"- the brand new song from Dilli 6

What did you do yesterday:- Slept, Ate, Taught, Watched TV, Browsed, Filled up a form, Hung out, etc etc

Where do you want to get married:- You are so blissfully assuming that I do want to get married...lolz:P

What would you change if you could change something about yourself:- Lazy attitude:D

Are you a good driver:- Only when it comes to driving people crazy.

Are you a good singer:- Absolutely

What do you dream about:- Bliss and happiness.

I tag Keshi, Aayushi, Mayank, Rat, Sachi and Akshaya.

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30 eulogies: on "K{no}w Me Better"

mayz said...

thats a long tag n too much of personal info being divulged...socha padega bro ;)

Arunima said...

now that's a long list.
one need load of patience to answer them. Good that u were able to do it.

So ur fav drink is rooh afza!

The Rat... said...

wen i started reading i tot u prepared a Bio in case someone wanted to find u a girl [Refer Keshi]
then i tot omg let him not tag me...

Sheesh!! both in vain.. d guy isnt in mood to get married and he tagged me, yes!!!

ARRRRggggggggggggggghhhhhhh!!! i run away now....

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

THIS WAS THE TAG????? Noooooooo
How could you think of putting someone through THIS?
Ill come back to comment about your answers when I stop seething!!!!

Keshi said...

Cute :)

**Shoe Size:- 7/8

why is this info required? is the Tagger a shoe salesman? LOL!

CN r ya only looking for Muslim chicks? if not, Im avaialable ya know. hahaha!

aww u tagged me...I'd love to do this one..tnxx!

Will let u know when I do it :)


Keshi said...

btw CN, did u create this tag?

LOL Rat there's a biodata fever going ard in Blogville!


The Rat... said...

@ Keshi
and u started this trend maker....

@ Saim...

done the tag... dont come into the 5 km radius near me if u want to be alive.. grrr

The Rat... said...

yeah... i wud rather kill d guy who asks for such a long bio-data..

if he intends to know everything abt me durin match making, then wats d purpose of marriage..

Saim.. u dont take offense,.. we arent pointing any finger at u..

d gypsy! said...

chicken leg pieces... hahhaha

i agree with mayz vese ... too much persnl info...

if smone takes this seriusly..

comfortably numb said...

personal info...yes but nothing very intimate
thnk abt it....do it if u r comfy only

comfortably numb said...

well yes I did make it to the end even though was on the verge of killing myself by the end:D
urs too kya???

comfortably numb said...

same way sum1 else thot of putting me thru this misery
told u na...share the agony is d funda of life
chal...njoy it n do it...no xcuses dis tym:D

comfortably numb said...

one thing I can tell u is tht u will face stiff competition from Maria:D
so r u up 4 d challenge dear???

comfortably numb said...

no offense taken at all
in fact I agree wid u...u hv a valid point...inna bada bio data, go take a hike wud be my reply

comfortably numb said...

thnk god u dun want such a long bio data
but hv a word wid aunt B...hv a feeling dis sort of a thng is ryt up her alley:D

comfortably numb said...

nothing intimate though
n its all in fun
u cud take it up if u want:D
in fact, cmon do it....I wud like 2 read ur answers 2 sum of dese qstns

Keshi said...

lol it was more than a misery! And Im glad u werent the reason behind my slow death!


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