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Saturday, August 09, 2008


Hi guyz...sorry for being out of sight the whole of this week...but cudn't help it really, had some pending work to take care of.
A big Thank you to all those of you who tried to cheer me up in relation to my last post....I was really down, still am but am learning to live with it.
For all those who asked, the marriage and reception party were both great *best wishes to the new couple*
Sachi...will surely be bugging you about some small nitty gritties of template designing!!!
Promise to visit all your blogs @ the earliest possible hour....*peace*
Have a nice weekend everybody...have fun...njoy!!!
Take care....bubye
Ohh n btw...*Happy birthday to myself*

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Crystal.. said...

happpyy yapppy birthday,brother!!


live for another 1009092090930293 years! :D

(with a biiig smile fcourse! :D)

Keshi said...

Happy Birthday CN! :) *HUGZ*

btw I did that mosaic tag long time ago (the one u tagged me on)...I dun think u had time to check it. Anyways just letting u know.


Sach! said...

I too thought of you regarding the template thing and I did mention you in my prev to prev post :)

Btw..appiiieee budday!!!

Sorry missed it :|
Aur bata do in case koi gift chahiye ho??

Scribblers Inc said...

happay baaardaaaay!!!:D

and yes read the post on hope on my blog...it would change your viewpoint quite radically...:)

Scribblers Inc.

comfortably numb said...

hugs returned....thnx a million sis
btw...so many years of life..tu saath nibhaayegi:D

comfortably numb said...

thnx dear...hugs returned
been very erratic dese days..will find it n check it for sure

comfortably numb said...

thnx yaar...template ka dhancha tayyar hai..just tweaking it a bit
gift:- ek Merc ya BMW:D
he he...just be happy...more than enough hai

Beauty and the BEast said...


I am really late

But hope you had a rockin' b'day!!

And wish you a very warm and happy year ahead...

Vyzz said...


Happy bday dude! hope u had a good one. THis bday I ws down, coz i was growing old..lol.But alls good I guess!




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